Skrillex's Birthday Cake Lit Skrillex on Fire

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Skrillex is burning up. In fact, the dubstep poster boy is such a hot commodity on the superstar DJ circuit that his hair caught on fire last night. TMZ reports that a minor conflagration broke out during the electronic music producer's 25th birthday party. As he bent over to blow out the candles, a greasy lock of Skrillex's hair went up in flames—but he used his lightning quick DJ reflexes to tamp the sparks down before they had a chance to spread. 

Don't worry, dubstep connoisseurs, the artist's raven mane is fine. The incident wasn't anywhere near as bad as that wildfire that consumed Michael Jackson's curls during a Pepsi commercial shoot. And thank the rave gods for that! Skrillex (legal name Sonny Moore) needs that lopsided haircut to maintain his dark, Matrix-on-MDMA image. Gasp in horror—or laugh in sick delight, depending on your taste in drop-heavy bass music—at the video below: 

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