Sesame Street Successfully Wins Internet with Monstrous Reveal on Twitter

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Earlier this afternoon the Sesame Street Twitter account sent out a mysterious message, which led to a series of tweets that ended up being an adorable homage to one of the franchise's classic books. 

It began with this: 

And then Grover started talking:

Slowly the monster began to reveal itself:

Until finally the monster turned out to be Grover himself:

And Grover was ashamed: 

The tweets, as folks on Twitter were quick to point out, were an homage to The Monster at the End of this Book: Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover, which was originally published in 1971. Hear Grover read it himself in this video via BuzzFeed

Dan Lewis, the Director of New Media Communications for Sesame Workshop, knew he had something adorable on his hands: 

You can see the whole "Monster at the End of this Twitter Conversation" story here at Storify. 

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