Selena Gomez Sings Breakup Song About Justin Bieber

Today in celebrity gossip: Teen sensation Selena Gomez gets serious at a concert, John Galliano finds himself back in fashion's good graces, and Leo DiCaprio is ready for a rest.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Teen sensation Selena Gomez gets serious at a concert, John Galliano finds himself back in fashion's good graces, and Leo DiCaprio is ready for a rest.

Ah, young people. They're always giving private benefit concerts for UNICEF and singing songs about their breakups with superstars. Well, if you only read Us Weekly it might seem like that anyway. The latest revenge song singer is former Disney dame Selena Gomez, who performed a concert in New York City this weekend and did a cover of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River." You see, she's just broken up with her big famous boyfriend Justin Bieber, who once did his own over of "Cry Me a River," and so has some dark feelings to express. Before launching into the song, Gomez told the crowd, "I've been through a lot the past few months. It's been weird and sad and cool." Aha. "Weird and sad and cool." Spoken like a true friend of Taylor Swift. The performance itself is fine, what's kind of awkward about it though is the way some little girls scream "We love you Selena!!" as she starts to sing, reminding us all that these big big celebrities are chiefly loved by children. Tiny, dumb children who do not understand any emotional intricacies, at least not the ones that Selena Gomez was trying to communicate at this concert. Though, to be fair to the tiny screamers, this wasn't solely some unplugged confessional type deal. Right after she sang the song, Gomez said "Enough of that" and then jumped right into plugging her new movie Spring Breakers. Of the sexy, violent Harmony Korine film, Gomez said "It's kind of been refreshing and nice for me to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I didn't think I could do as an actress." Ah yes. Things like wear a bikini and shoot a gun. Sing on, Selena. [Us Weekly]

Fashion designer John Galliano, who is a legally certified jerk, is making his way back into the biz after pushing bounced from Dior in the wake of his slur-hurling antics last year. His buddy Anna Wintour got him a job at Oscar de la Renta, where he will make more fanciful fashions and try to keep his mouth shut. Galliano was seen having lunch with Anna's Vogue minion Grace Coddington in the West Village yesterday, during which Coddington probably pulled off a glove and showed Galliano her four-fingered hand. "Anna forgives once," she told her companion in an urgent voice. "After that... she takes payment." Hopefully the warning sunk in. [Page Six]

People are saying that Bethenny Frankel is shacking up with a new guy, mere weeks after announcing her split from TV husband Jason Hoppy, but it seems that she and this fellow are just friends. Frankel has been spending lots of post-split time with one Warren Lichtenstein, even staying at his Upper East Side home for a night, but it seems they have been close for some twenty years and he's simply been a shoulder to cry on. So, stop speculating, jerks. I know so many of you were talking this weekend about Bethenny Frankel and Warren Lichtenstein, because who ever stops talking about Warren Lichtenstein, I mean just look at the guy, but you were wrong to suggest that they are an item. They're just friends. Just very rich friends. [People]

Leonardo DiCaprio has now filmed three movies back-to-back over the last two years, and says that he is going to take a break. He recently told a reporter about his planned hiatus, "I am a bit drained. I'm going to take a long, long break. I've done three films in two years and I'm just worn out." Yeah. I mean can you imagine doing three things in two years? That's a lot of things. I'm lucky to do maybe one thing every two years. Three things though? Three things?? I'd be drained and wiped-out too. To his credit, DiCaprio will spend his time off doing his environmental advocacy stuff, which is certainly worthwhile. He also will enjoy being home in Los Angeles, a place he says he hasn't really spent any time in for a year and a half: "I love to have friends over, but I haven't really been home for a year and a half so I don't even remember the last time I did that." So it's about time that he had some friends over. After all he's been through, doing three things in these past two years, he's at least earned the chance to have some friends over to his own damn house. We are overworked and underpaid, America. All of us damn overworked, and prety damn underpaid. [Daily Mail]

"Katy Perry Wows in Patriotic Leotard at Kids' Inaugural Concert" That's the headline. Katy Perry wowed in a patriotic leotard. A patriotic leotard! You've heard of a socialist catsuit and an anarchist onesie, and now here is a patriotic leotard. This leotard watches Fox News, has been to a Tea Party rally, has read Killing Lincoln several times, and once shook Nancy Reagan's hand. That is one patriotic leotard that Katy Perry wore to an inauguration event. I mean, if there's anywhere to wear a patriotic leotard, it's gotta be at an inauguration event. Katy Perry, ladies and gentlemen. Never ridiculous, always on point. [Us Weekly]

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