Ryan Gosling Got Himself a Fast-Food Mug, but What About the Rest of Us?

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If there's one thing we want to curl up with in front of a fire and drink warm hot chocolate out of, it's this one-of-a-kind mug made by... Tim Horton's — at the request of Ryan Gosling. We kind of freaked out when Grub Street alerted us that the Canadian restaurant chain would, in fact, be distributing the Gangster Squad kitchenware. Unfortunately, it's not going on sale to the general public, and the only person who will get to drink delicious hot chocolate by a roaring fire out of this thing is Ryan Gosling himself.

How did this come about? In an interview with Tribute.ca, Gosling said he hoped Gangster Squad would be the movie to fulfill his childhood dream of having his face on a commemorative cup, just like the Burger King Dick Tracy cups he had as a kid. (We remember those, too, but we were always partial to the McDonald's Batman Forever glass mugs.) The interviewer loved the idea, and offered up Tim Horton's, the Canadian church of coffee, as a potential partner. Buffalo.com's S.J. Velasquez was feeling crafty and decided to make a D.I.Y. version of a special Ryan Gosling Tim Horton's mug, and urged the company to fulfill their fellow countryman's wishes. Tim Horton's U.S. Twitter account heard the call, at least, and made the movie star his very own cup

But... but... we want one, too. We love Tim Horton's at the Canadian branch of The Atlantic Wire, and we love Gosling, too. We reached out to Tim Horton's to see if there's any chance they might go on sale to the rest of us. We'll update if we hear back. 

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