Roger Goodell Ignored All New Orleans Questions in His Reddit AMA, Except One

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With the Super Bowl just days away and the so-called Bountygate scandal still bubbling over, New Orleans Saints fans were really excited for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's AMA on Reddit this afternoon. He wasn't as excited to answer their questions.

In case you're out of the loop, Saints fans aren't on the best terms with Goodell right now. After it was revealed the Saints defense was operating a bounty program (players get paid if they injure an opposing player), Goodell came down on the program hard. After the immediate outcry and a lengthy appeal process, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue overruled Goodell's suspensions in December, vindicating and infuriating Saints fans even further because their year (and playoff hopes) were already long gone.

With Goodell heading to the Big Easy for this weekend's Super Bowl at the Superdome — DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN posters adorn many every sports bars across town — New Orleanians were excited to finally get a direct line to Goodell, by way of the usually forthright Reddit forum, to tell him how they really feel. 

Goodell got questions like this: 

Vilma is a Saints linebacker who was sidelined for a good portion of the season thanks to Goodell.

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Goodell also got questions like this

And this:

So, yeah, some were subtle and some weren't. (Most weren't.) He ignored all of them. This next one, though — subtlety is a concept completely foreign to Reddit user New_Orleans_Saints, who embedded this GIF under the text "I just have one thing to say.":

Goodell ignored that one, too. 

Perhaps remember that he still has to live through a couple days in New Orleans, Goodell didn't ignore Saints fans completely. He answered one question about Bountygate (as it was called) and completely dodged another. First, the dodge

And then came the one question from a Saints fan for which the commish did have a (very) straightforward response:

Yikes. If it makes Saints fans feel any better, Goodell did get RickRolled by an active NFL player. And he only answered 14 questions in total. Sorry — he just didn't have enough time for you. Now go back to practicing your lung exercises for booing him on the field Sunday. 

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