Piers Morgan Tell Us How He Really Feels About Andrew Sullivan

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Piers Morgan does not mince words, and he routinely gets himself into spats with other media personalities. Andrew Sullivan was the focus of some of his more recent musings, and he let Politico's Dylan Byers know what he really thinks of the independent blogger. 

Speaking mostly about his recent interview with anti-gun control advocate Alex Jones, Byers and Morgan eventually got around to talking about Sullivan. Byers writes that Sullivan "has had it in for Morgan for years," and then the piece cuts to Morgan, who offers these thoughts: 

“Andrew Sullivan is a dick,” Morgan told POLITICO. “He’s an extremely bitchy, deeply unpleasant, rather confused individual who for whatever reason despises the very spittle I put on the floor. Well, good luck to you, mate. But I couldn’t give a toss.”

And that's it. Sullivan isn't mentioned again. Oh, and if you don't know what "a toss" means... well, it's British slang for pleasuring one's self. 

Has Sullivan had it in for Morgan for years? Probably. We couldn't find anything on the exact source of their spat. We do know that Morgan, upon learning that Sullivan was planning on going independent from the Daily Beast, tweeted this: 

Strong words from a man who hosts a television show and his name makes up two thirds of the title. Later that evening, Sullivan wrote about Morgan's "dumb and disgusting" history while working in British media.

Is this the next great media spat? Probably not. Unless the dialogue devolves even further into schoolyard name calling and Sullivan calls Morgan a "fathead," or "poopypants." Then it might contend to be our favorite media spat ever. 

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