A GIF History of Confessions to Oprah

While Oprah may claim tonight's Lance Armstrong sit-down is "the biggest interview I've ever done," she's no stranger to confessional interviews.

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Tonight begins the two-night event in which Lance Armstrong will apparently apologize and admit to doping in a "forthcoming" sit-down with Oprah Winfrey that begins at 9 p.m. Eastern right here and on OWN. While the interview may help boost Oprah's struggling cable channel, and she may claim that it's "certainly the biggest interview I've ever done in terms of its exposure," Winfrey is no stranger to televised confessions. Here are the GIF-able moments from eight of her most famous:

Michael Jackson, 1993
Jackson opened up about his childhood, and told Oprah about his father beating him.

Tom Cruise, 2005
You know this story. He was really happy to be with Katie Holmes.

James Frey, January 2006
Frey told Winfrey that the Smoking Gun report about fabrications in his memoir was accurate. Winfrey stewed in anger.

Marion Jones, 2008
In this GIF, Jones explains her decision to lie to federal prosecutors. Throughout the interview she maintained, though, that she did not know she was taking performance enhancers.

Whitney Houston, 2009
Houston talked about her drug use.

Mackenzie Phillips, 2009
Phillips read a passage from her book, which detailed her sexual relationship with her father.

Sarah Ferguson, 2010

Winfrey made the Duchess of York watch the video of herself offering access to Prince Andrew.

Rihanna, 2012
Rihanna talks about Chris Brown.

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