This Is What Happens to Nancy Pelosi on the '30 Rock' Finale

Spoiler alert: The Majority Leader's cameo involves "economic war criminals."

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If you don't want to know anything about the sad end of 30 Rock, well, stop right there. But in her farewell to the sitcom today Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times reveals a tidbit of information about one of the most anticipated cameos in tonight's series finale.

Upon hearing that she would appear in the last episode, we anticipated that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi might get into some sort of political beef with Jack Donaghy — and we were right. Stanley writes: "In the final episode Ms. Pelosi gives a mock-television interview denouncing Jack Donaghy as an 'economic war criminal.'" One of the show's long-running gags involves Tina Fey's protagonist Liz Lemon's liberal feminism clashing with the conservative ideals of her boss, Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy. Donaghy defines "Reaganing" as "Making it through a full twenty-four hours without making a single misstep."

Pelosi revealed that she would be on the show early this month, explaining that she would do "almost anything" Fey asked her to do.

There are a host of other celebrity cameos in the finale, and you can click over to the Tampa Bay Times to see a list. The Today show's Savannah Guthrie asked Jane Krakowski, who plays Jenna Maroney, how Guthrie did during her appearance. Here's a shot of Law & Order: SVU stars Richard Belzer and Ice-T in the penultimate episode:

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