The Mysterious Mystery of 'Tomorrowland'

Today in show business news: Disney has changed the name of a buzzed-about upcoming project, Allison Janney gets a potentially big new TV job, and Paul Giamatti is a new Spider-Man villain.

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Disney has announced that its mysterious new science-fiction project 1952, which Brad Bird is directing and co-wrote with Damon Lindelof, and stars George Clooney, has been renamed Tomorrowland. Yes, like the part of the Magic Kingdom that has Space Mountain in it. So... Lord only knows what this movie will be. It's probably about aliens, that seems to be the consensus, but beyond that, anyone's guess is as good as anyone else's. Is the name just being borrowed? Or will Disneyland, which began construction in 1953, factor in? Though some early clues beyond the title suggest yes, here's hoping not. That would be pretty ridiculous. Though, this is a Damon Lindelof script, so ridiculous should maybe be expected. Or rather, a cool beginning followed by a nonsensical middle and cop-out ending, with a few interesting moments sprinkled throughout, should be expected. [Entertainment Weekly]

Allison Janney has been cast on Mom, the big Chuck Lorre/Anna Faris pilot at CBS. Janney will play Faris's not-very-good mother, who makes Faris's attempts to clean up her life that much harder. This is the one about the recovering addict who moves to Napa. So, Anna Faris and Allison Janney certainly promise good things — those are two funny people — but the Chuck Lorre factor still has us wary. And, as much as we love her, Janney has not always proven the best judge of what's going to make a good movie or TV show. Y'know, she was in A Thousand Words and two episodes of In Plain Sight. And, well, Anna Faris was in What's Your Number?. So, let's try to temper our excitement maybe. [Deadline]

Poor Paul Giamatti. He gets cast in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel as a big bad villain and who does he play? Not Mysterio. Not Kraven the Hunter. But Rhino. Ugly old Rhino. I know Rhino is big and strong and all that, but the implication, at least in reading this casting news, is that Paul Giamatti looks like a rhinoceros. Poor guy. Ah well, at least it's not Beetle. And, obviously, it's a potentially big role in the sequel to a really fun movie. He's joining Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone of course, but also Jamie Foxx as Electro, Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, and Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborne. Oh also Felicity Jones is in talks to play someone, but it's not been revealed who. Maybe she's a villain? A lady villain?? Or, y'know, just another love interest. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Speaking of lady comic book characters, The CW has not yet given up on its Wonder Woman pilot Amazon. It is not one of the eight pilot order the network just announced, but it is still in contention for a midseason slot on the 2013-2014 slate. It's just not going for the fall, is all. Apparently the network was not happy with the script, which, yikes. If the CW is not happy with the script, it must be quite something. "Maybe on festering USA, but this is The CW!!!!" barked J. Hiram CW, chairman of the network. So we'll all have to wait a little longer for Wonder Woman. Which is OK. We've been waiting for her for almost a decade now, ever since Joss Whedon was supposed to do the movie. The CW has, however, ordered pilots for, among other things, The Originals, the sure-thing Vampire Diaries spin-off, and a show called Blink, which sounds very strange. It is described as such: "a family whose lives are forever changed, for better and worse, when the patriarch has a car accident resulting in a coma-like syndrome where he cannot speak or move, but can see and hear all. His narration and fantasy sequences emanating from his mind provide context and a wry counterpoint to the stories and conflicts of the family and his own situation." Aha. And that script passed muster? We will never know the strange and irrational whims of Mr. CW. [The Hollywood Reporter; Deadline]

Game of Thrones has cast a bear. Yes, they needed a bear for this next season, and so they have cast the famous Bart the Bear. Well, it's not the actual Bart the Bear, because that bear — who was in things like The Edge and Legends of the Fall — passed away. But this is his namesake, called Little Bart the Bear. The Game of Thrones cast will film with Bart in Los Angeles of all places. We've a pretty good idea what they're using him for, but don't want to spoil anything. Congratulations to Little Bart, and congratulations to at least a few of the actors, who must be glad to be filming in Los Angeles instead of Northern Ireland. You've made it, guys. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here is a trailer for Upside Down, a sci-fi romance starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst which seems to make exactly no sense. Like, "what if love was stronger than gravity"? That is a very silly line. And this is a very silly premise, even for a sci-fi romance. Also, why are these people's gravities so different? Wouldn't they be affected by the gravity on the planet, not by their own personal gravity? And where are their atmospheres? This all makes very little sense. I suppose that's the point, but jeez. This looks pretty hokey, guys. I mean, it's called Upside Down. And it's about people who are... upside down.

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