The Mild End: Golden Globes After-Parties

Today in celebrity news: Some staid reports from the post-Golden Globes party scene, Will and Kate announce a vague due date, and Ann Romney says no to reality TV. 

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Today in celebrity news: Some staid reports from the post-Golden Globes party scene, Will and Kate announce a vague due date, and Ann Romney says no to reality TV. 

Curious what went on at the positively wild Golden Globes after-parties? Well, there surprisingly aren't that many party reports out there, and the ones that do exist paint a pretty tame picture. Entertainment Weekly, never one for the hard gossip, details the staid HBO shindig, with Julianne Moore and Sarah Paulson dancing in the lobby while Jane Fonda holds court at a table and is visited by Sally Field and Jeremy Irons. Yawn. Then it's on to the "much younger crowd" at the Weinstein Company party, which had a DJ spinning hot pop tunes (as opposed to the jazz music at the HBO bash) and Selena Gomez dancing with her friends Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson. But also Quentin Tarantino was there, so it's not like it was the junior prom or anything.  At the Fox party, Nicholas Brody and his son Chris, from Homeland, did the Gangnam dance. (Pictured, above) The NBC-Universal-Focus Features party hosted both Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway, so there was a lot very controlled poise going on at that soiree. And at the Warner Bros. party, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner sneaked out around midnight, while other actors, even TV ones with early call times, stayed late. Connor Paolo, who played gay Eric on Gossip Girl and is now on Revenge, said he had a 6 a.m. call time but that he wasn't worried. "I’m a spry guy!" he told a reporter. So that's the big gossip out of the Warner Bros. party. Gay Eric is a spry guy. Nothing Chace Crawford didn't already know. Hopefully some more sordid party details will emerge as the day wears on, but really we'll have to wait for the extensively documented Vanity Fair Oscars party for the true dirt. That's the real party where weird stuff happens. All this stuff is just preamble. Anyway. We hope Connor Paolo made it to set on time this morning. It all depends on how spry he really was, I suppose. [Entertainment Weekly]

One Golden Globes party did get a little too rowdy, one thrown at the Chateau Marmont by W magazine and hotelier Andre Balazs. Sure it was a pre-Golden Globes party on Friday, but that still counts, doesn't it? Police were called to the Chateau when the music got too loud around 11 p.m., but the party continued in the hotel lobby (just like R. Kelly said) and in the famous Chateau garden anyway. Guests included Jack Black, Axl Rose, John Legend, Daniel Day-Lewis, Kirsten Dunst, Garrett Hedlund, Brett Ratner, Marion Cotillard, Damian Lewis, Lana del Rey, and Balazs lady friend Chelsea Handler. So that is quite a crowd! Sort of a cool crowd? Sort of a mature crowd? Sort of an artsy crowd? It sounds way cooler than, say, spry Eric disco-dancing it up with Jennifer Garner last night, anyway. Plus the police came. Even adults know that that's what makes a cool party, right? So, well done, W magazine. At least one shindig this weekend knew how to get down. [Page Six]

Elsewhere in the world, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, have announced that their baby is due in July. Yes, come early July, there will be a new future king or queen in the world. The child will likely not be king or queen for a long, long time, but the throne is theirs if they wait long enough. Aside from the idea of a new royal, we're really just struggling with the notion that there are children whose birth year will be 2013, because that very much seems like the future. All this Golden Globes party stuff will seem quite dated and silly to them when they're grown up, won't it? Selena Gomez? Isn't that that woman in her late 40s? Jane Fonda? That's some lady who died years ago, right? What is a Chace Crawford? Things like that. It's a little depressing to think about, actually! But, ah well. The important thing is that soon there will be Royal Baby, and Royal Baby will rule all our hearts, if not actually the Kindgom of Great Britain and Its Distant Island Territories. We'll get the excitement of learning its gender, its name, and whether or not Royal Babies are born wearing a crown and holding a scepter. See, we're too young to remember when William and Harry were born, all those days seem pretty old-timey to us, so this will be a first. See how the circle of life goes like that? Everything that's young will someday be old. Even Royal Baby, ruling from its space chamber as the high emperor (or empress) of What's Left Of Earth, mostly a smoldering hunk of debris still in the sun's dim orbit. Royal Baby will be old and we'll all be gone. Happy Monday! [Us Weekly]

Some cheerier news: Ann Romney has said a flat-out "No" to Dancing with the Stars producers who approached her about being on the show. She apparently did have "several meetings" with them, but eventually decided that it wasn't for her. Which was the prudent decision. Nothing very dignified about an almost-First Lady traipsing around to elevator music with some oily hunk. Plus she's got all her work to do. You know, her doctor has put her on a strict regimen of firing one servant a day just to keep her energy up. She's got her horse-tending, which mainly involves drinking lemonade while one of the stable boys brushes the horses and feeds them oats. She of course has all of her errands; it's not as if Talbot's is going to shop at itself, is it? See, she's just got too many things to do, Ann Romney. Why, she already spends most of her time poring over the manual to see if she can figure out how to get her husband's feelings receptors back online. That's no easy task! There just wasn't room for Dancing with the Stars. I'd say maybe another time, but this was probably her one window. In a year or two no one is going to remember who she is. Which I'm sure she'll be fine with. Better to berate housekeepers in peace and quiet, we'd think. [TMZ]

If you are interested in pictures of Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones and Eragon from Eragon playing shirtless soccer on the beach in Miami, you have come to the right place. Because here is a link to pictures of that. The two lads, also known as Alfie Allen (Lily's brother!) and Ed Speleers (who will soon be appearing on Downton Abbey...), were hanging with one of their costars on the film Plastic, the action comedy they're currently shooting. So yeah, that's all it is. Them playing soccer. Talking to girls. Alfie smokes a cigarette. Just pictures of those things, if you're interested. Click away if you are. [Daily Mail]

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