Is Mel Gibson the Father of Jodie Foster's Children?

Today in celebrity gossip: There's a big rumor about Jodie and Mel going around, an odd new wrinkle in the Manti Te'o story is revealed, and see a list of what the Royal Family got as gifts last year. 

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Today in celebrity gossip: There's a big rumor about Jodie and Mel going around and see a list of what the Royal Family got as gifts last year. 

Aside from some of the weird rambling and the kinda sorta coming out, one of the more mysterious things about Jodie Foster's big Golden Globes speech last weekend was her intensity about her friendship with Mel Gibson. The two were seated next to each other all night, and when on stage, Foster said something along the lines of, "You save me, too." They are clearly very close, but now some folks are wondering exactly how close. The rumor right now is that Gibson, already the father of eight children, is the biological father of Foster's two sons. Yes, people think that Gibson donated sperm to Foster and her then-partner Cydney Bernard and that's how a baby, or rather two babies, were made. Which would be strange! Maybe even stranger than the whole Melissa Etheridge/David Crosby thing? Yes, possibly even stranger than that. But how real is this? Well, let Page Six tell you: "'The kids look like him [Gibson] but blonder,' said one amateur genealogist." Ha. Haha. "Amateur genealogist," huh? Guys, you can't corner that scared Fordham intern in the office, demand a quote from him, and then call him an amateur genealogist. He's just Josh the intern. That's all. Not to diminish his cred, of course. If Josh the intern thinks the kids "look like him [Gibson] but blonder," then I for one choose to believe it. This thing happened, guys. And it is weird. But don't tell Foster's kids, obviously. She said she won't tell them the donor's name until they are 21. Which... yeah, sort of even weirder. [Page Six]

All right, so this whole Manti Te'o thing. You know this dude Ronaiah Tuiasosopo (man, don't people named John Smith get in trouble anymore?), the one who is suspected of crafting this whole hoax? He's the one who stole a lady's picture and used it on Te'o's fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua's Twitter page? Yeah, him. Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. Well, it turns out that this dude once auditioned for The Voice. Like, fairly recently. And guess what he did? He told the producers some long sob story about how he was in a traveling Christian band with his cousins and that one day while headed to a concert they were in a terrible car accident and one of them almost died but in the end it was all O.K. Producers believed him, and he passed a psych evaluation (apparently something producers on The Voice, and likely other shows, regularly do! Good thinking, guys!) and a background check, so he was actually put in front of the judges. Or at least their backs. The audition was for the upcoming season, so the judges were Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher. Tuiasosopo performed Matisyahu's "One Day." And... well, none of the judges hit their magic buttons and turned their chairs. So, that was it. And it's lucky for him! What if he'd ended up on the show and then they were like "Oh, so about this van accident..."? That would not have ended well. But it does indicate to me that this dude's got some serious lying issues and other stuff going on. Who's doing this psych evaluation, anyway? Is it Josh the intern? Because, guys. He's really not qualified. [Us Weekly]

This is fun. St. James's Palace has published a detailed list of gifts received by members of the British Royal Family while on their various tours last year, and there are some good things on those lists. Of course we went straight for Prince Harry's list first, and discovered the following items: a cape, a magnifying glass, and two bottles of rum. So why isn't Harry roaming the streets of London, drunk and solving mysteries with his magnifying glass? Why are you not using your lovely gifts, Harry?? And what are these three mysterious DVDs that you received? What's on these DVDs? Are they dirty DVDs? Are they full-seasons of TV shows DVDs? Tell us now. Also, why did the governor of Rio de Janeiro give you an unnamed book and a Beatles CD? A Beatles CD? The governor of Rio de Janeiro is not very good at giving gifts. "Let's give the British fellow a Beatles CD." "Sir, should we maybe give him some Brazilian music?" "I said: Beatles CD." It's also funny that Prince Charles received a "soft toy" from someone in Norway, and that Kate and William received two "soft toys" from an unnamed individual. Anyway, the whole list is vaguely interesting. So many gifts. Where do they put them all? Oh, in the garbage? Ah, OK. [People]

Jennifer Lopez and her "camp" are upset with People magazine for the way that Lopez's new cover came out, saying that she looks "old and haggard" and, hilariously, like the designer Betsey Johnson. I mean, she looks fine, but I can see what they mean on that front. There is something distinctly Betsey Johnson about the photograph. But yeah, J.Lo's people are mad and have complained to the magazine, which is standing by the cover. Which, whatever, there's nothing they can do at this point. The thing's on newsstands. The toothpaste is out of the tube, guys. Get over it. Now you've learned your lesson. The stick-straight hairdo and that particular facial expression don't exactly work for J.Lo. Move on and accept the fact that Jennifer Lopez is now completely indistinguishable from Betsey Johnson. In fact, I think they might be the same person. But really, is there anything wrong with that? Betsey Johnson is an icon. And hey, you guys brought it up. [Page Six]

Oh mah gerrrd. Zayn from One Direction TOTALLY changed his hair. He used to have this big pompadour thing but now he's cut it a little and flat-ironed it and he looks like anime. Fitting, given that the band is currently in Japan, wearing kimonos and greeting excited fans at the airport. In one photo of such an incident, a teen girl is holding a sign that says, among other things, "Plz doing this with me." Whoaaaaa. Plz doing what with you, young lady? What do you want One Direction to plz be doing with you? They move fast in Japan, it seems. Anyway, back to Zayn's hair. I'm not sure it's a good look for him. It's a bit dated, honestly. But of course my opinion is not the important one. The true cultural critics have weighed in, and the reviews are positive. Well done, lad. [Daily Mail]

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