A Medical Marijuana Clash, How Google Helps Apple, and Women at the Globes

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Top Stories: Because there is strong opposition to an assault weapons ban, the White House wants to up the number of people prosecuted for lying on background-check forms: something both sides of the gun control debate can agree on.

World: In entering into a conflict with Islamist extremists in Mali, the French have acted "in the face of longstanding American warnings that a Western assault on the Islamist stronghold could rally jihadists around the world and prompt terrorist attacks as far away as Europe."

U.S.: The case of Matthew R. Davies, who got into the business of growing and selling medical marijuana, "highlights the growing clash between the federal government and those states that have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use."

New York: People in upstate New York like Harold W. Schroeder are resisting Governor Andrew Cuomo's package of gun laws.

Technology: Google has continued developing apps for the iPhone, "helping its competitor make more appealing products — even as relations between the companies have deteriorated."

Sports: There were tears of joy for the Falcons as they beat the Seahawks "after enduring seasons of regular-season success doused by January disappointment."

Opinion: Bill Keller on privacy and reporting.

Arts: Alessandra Stanley on how the Globes were a good night for "Girl Power."

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