Louis C.K. Is Becoming a Movie Star

Today in show business news: Louis C.K. is getting some big big-screen work, The Vampire Diaries universe is expanding, and a 3-D version of Jurassic Park 4 is coming soon.

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Louis C.K. is moving on up. The comedian turned TV writer/director/actor recently shot a Woody Allen film, and now he's in talks to join the cast of Academy Award-nominated director David O. Russell's next picture. The movie is untitled, but it's described as "center[ing] on con artist Mel Weinberg who worked with the FBI in a far-reaching corruption case that stretched from Atlantic City to Washington, D.C." C.K., who would be playing an FBI agent, would be joining the already established cast of Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Adams. So that's quite the lineup. Big things are happening for this fellow, I tell you. Very big things. And that's just great. Unless he gets ruined by the success and fame and then it's all terrible. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Uh, oh. The teen in your house is about to get real excited. Or the part-time theater tech who lives in the other room in your apartment. Whoever it is, this will be good news for them: The CW is developing a spinoff to its wildly successful series The Vampire Diaries. Yes, more sexy vampyrs to enthrall the Hallmark store manager in your life. But wait, there's more. The new show will be called The Originals and will focus on Klaus, the sexy British vampire who appeared a couple seasons back and has captured hearts and loins every week since. It'll be about him going back to New Orleans, the city he helped build hundreds of years ago, and getting into various vampire nogoodnikery. So, are people shrieking where you are? Crumpling into heaps of pure PG-13 ecstasy? I suspect someone nearby is — be it Josh the high school junior who loves Christopher Rice books and elaborate coffee drinks, or Barbara, from two cubicles over who smells like Whiskas. Lots of people are excited. [Deadline]

Oh, dear. Comedian turned game show person Howie Mandel has just sold a show to TBS called Deal With It, which is described as a hidden-camera prank show. Oh, god. What, specifically, goes on in this hidden-camera prank show? Well, this: "In the series, unsuspecting members of the public are secretly dared to pull a prank on their unwitting companions with absolutely no time to prepare. If they agree to participate, they must obey all instructions given through an earpiece from a secret control room nearby. With the opportunity to prank their way to cash and prizes, these everyday people will be shown no mercy as they are tasked with pulling off some of the most ridiculous behavior ever caught on hidden camera." Yiiiikes. Someone's gonna get shot. Don't people know where we live these days? We live in a bad, dangerous place. This is not going to end well. Also, "some of the most ridiculous behavior ever caught on hidden camera"? I find that hard to believe. Lots of "ridiculous behavior" is caught on hidden camera every day. Or, if not hidden, at least unnoticed camera. This whole enterprise sounds dicey, frankly. Are you sure you want to do this, TBS? Like, really sure? Give it the weekend to think about it. [Deadline]

If you were worried about the unknown fate of Jesse McCartney, Summerland actor turned sort of embarrassing singer (though he did write "Bleeding Love," so props to him for that), worry no longer. He's just been cast on the seventh season of the Lifetime: Television for Jesse McCartney series Army Wives. Yeah. So. He'll be playing a young soldier with a high school sweetheart wife. Good for him. He just better not Leona Lewis still this role, too. [The Hollywood Reporter]

And Jurassic Park 4 is happening, finally. [Deadline]

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