Lindsay Lohan's Apparently Fired Lawyer Just Entered Her Not-Guilty Plea in Court

Lohan never seems to make things easy.

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Lindsay Lohan never seems to make things easy. First, there were tabloid reports that she fired her longtime lawyer, Shawn Holley, just as Holley was about to go make a plea deal and help the star out of jet another legal jam. Then later this morning in Los Angeles, Holley appeared in court on Lohan's behalf, entering her plea of not guilty.

Lohan's arraignment had to do with her car wreck during the filming of car wreck Liz & Dick in June. Per the AP, Lohan, who was on probation for her jewelry theft case at the time, is charged with lying to police about whether or not she was behind the wheel, obstructing police from doing their job, and reckless driving.

But yesterday it seemed like there would be a major hitch to today's proceedings (at which Lohan was not required to attend). Per TMZ, Holley was heading to court yesterday to make a plea deal for Lohan when Lohan fired her. The deal would have kept Lohan out of jail and put her in rehab. Holley was apparently replaced by New York lawyer Mark Heller, who has a quite fascinating tale of his own, according to this 2010 New York Times profile. Heller was speaking on Lohan's behalf around the time of her November arrest for assault.

So in court today the judge asked Holley if she still represented Lohan. Holley responded, per TMZ: "At this point, yes." Lohan is now scheduled to appear January 30.

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