Leonardo DiCaprio's Bi-Continental New Year's Eve

Today in celebrity gossip: Find out how Leonardo DiCaprio had two New Year's Eves this year, see Taylor and Harry share a midnight kiss, and wonder about the star status of Sofia Vergara. 

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Today in celebrity gossip: Find out how Leonardo DiCaprio had two New Year's Eves this year, see Taylor and Harry share a midnight kiss, and wonder about the star status of Sofia Vergara. 

While most of us spent our New Year's Eve teetering in some bar or sitting at home alone in a puddle of cheap champagne, glad we only have to do this once a year, rich and famous playboy Leonardo DiCaprio decided to have two New Year's Eves, on different continents. He was in Australia with Jonah Hill and Jamie Foxx and others, partying on a yacht in the Sydney Harbor over the weekend and hanging out at a club on Monday night until 1 a.m. Then he and all his friends got on a chartered jet and flew 13 hours to Las Vegas, arriving in time for midnight. Quite the holiday! I hope they had fun and didn't have that stale airplane-stink about them after that long flight. I am a bit worried about them though, as I think having two New Year's Eves, one in Australia and the other in Las Vegas, is the quickest way to give oneself permanent jetlag. Like, there is no recovering from the odd sensation of counting down to midnight and saying "Happy New Year!" twice, one of the times in Las Vegas. That's about as surreal and disorienting as it gets, I'd imagine. But that's how Leo DiCaprio and E from Entourage (also on the plane) like to do things. They are wild and free and wealthy beyond measure. So they will risk perma-jetlag just to say they did, to sip champagne in two different nightclubs on two different continents, to see if the banquette leather feels any different depending on the hemisphere. Hopefully they are happy with all they learned. [Page Six]

Meanwhile in New York, some woman threw $800 in the air like confetti at The Lambs Club, a restaurant in a swanky Art Deco hotel right off Times Square. The diners had a "private viewing of the ball" on 44th Street, though it's unclear how such a thing could be private, and then when they got inside for midnight, this lady threw 800 one dollar bills in the air. Because if there's any way to say "Hooray, we're rich!" in a really obnoxious way, it's by doing that. Adding to the feeling of glamor, Ryan Seacrest apparently kept popping into the restaurant to keep warm during his big New Year's Rockin' Eve broadcast, and after midnight Topher Grace and Mario Lopez were seen at the mezzanine bar. So that's... That's a pretty chichi event? I don't know. That sounds like a not-so-fun event, actually. Mario Lopez and some awful woman who threw money in the air for a bunch of rich people because who cares about silly, frivolous money. I'm sure there were some fun moments when Ryan Seacrest said something strange and awkward to Mario Lopez involving the word "dimples," but beyond that I'd rather be elsewhere. Not on Leo's party jet, but definitely not there either. [Page Six]

And probably not at the Miami nightclub Story, where Modern Family actress and shiller of a million products Sofia Vergara got in a big fight with her fiancé. It seems that an ex-boyfriend of Sofia's was hosting them at the club, and Vergara's fiancé got in an argument with her because he was jealous, and then a fight with the guy and his friends. When Vergara tried to break up the fight, "she ended up getting pushed and shoved also. Her strapless dress was torn or pulled down in the melee, exposing her cleavage in front of other people and her son Manolo who was so offended he left the club." So, that's unfortunate. Yes the shoving and dress ripping, but also the nightclubbing with your son part. And this description of Vegara from the item: "TV’s highest-paid and most popular actress." I'm sure the highest-paid part is accurate, but what about this "most popular"? Is that true? Is Sofia Vergara TV's most popular actress? I'm not disputing the claim, I just had no idea. Doesn't she have one joke? It's a good joke, but that's sort of it. If Colombian Fran Drescher is TV's most popular actress, then that's fine. I'm just wondering if maybe Page Six could temper its claim until we do a little more research. I don't know who would maybe take the title instead of Vergara — does Kaley Cuoco factor in here? — but I'm not terribly comfortable with Vergara on this one. That's all. I'm sorry her dressed got ripped. Hope the rest of the night was OK. [Page Six]

Two people having a bit of a sweeter, if no less hectic, New Year's Eve were Taylor Swift and her latest young gentleman friend, Harry Styles. Swift performed some of her ditties on Ryan Seacrest's show on Monday night, and afterward stayed in the huge crowd of Times Square weirdos who decided to stand outside all night until midnight. At the end of the big countdown, Swift leaned in for a kiss from lusted-after boy bander Styles, while everyone around them cheered strangely, perhaps less for the new and possibility-laden year and more for the two famous children making out near them. Oh, and, there's video! Yeah. Someone, well actually probably many someones, filmed the kiss with their camera phone, because that's how they want to remember the bright beginnings of 2013. Standing outside in Midtown, pointing a phone at two small children kissing each other. Well done, everyone. [Us Weekly]

Meanwhile down in Mexico, Jennifer Aniston spent the pre-holiday with her fiancé Justin Theroux, Jimmy Kimmel and his soon-to-be wife, and Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski. There have been plenty of photos of this vacation, because that's how some people want to spend their afternoons, and all are routinely fascinating. Most fascinating of all are the ones that reveal that Emily Blunt is reading Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, the best thing I read this year, and that Jennifer Aniston is reading an Elmore Leonard book. Though is she really reading it? In one picture she's looking at the open book like she's never seen one before. I'm not saying that Jennifer Aniston is dumb or doesn't read, I'm sure she does. It's just a funny photo, like she's examining some strange found artifact. Anyway, it's interesting to see big, big movie stars reading their vacation books. And to see Justin Theroux in what appear to be black cut-off jean shorts, because Justin Theroux can never not dress like Justin Theroux, even on vacation. [Daily Mail]

Some grim news before we go. A paparazzo who had just finished snapping pictures of what he thought was Justin Bieber getting pulled over was killed while walking back to his car across the street. He'd seen Bieber's white Ferrari, which was being driven by a friend, and followed the car as CHP ordered it off the 405 and pulled over. The CHP officers told the photographer to go back to his car when they saw him taking pictures, and on his way back was struck and killed by an oncoming car. So, that's a rough way to go. Bad circumstances, strange ending. And then of course there was a paparazzo to take video of the scene where the other paparazzo died. And so on and so on. [TMZ]

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