Lena Dunham Will Have a New HBO Show

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And you thought she was a one-trick pony. Girls creator, star, and perennial think-piece subject Lena Dunham is developing another series for HBO, Deadline reports. She and co-Girls executive producer Jenni Konner (the grown-up of the show) are going to write a project based on the life of Betty Halbreich, personal shopper for Bergdorf Goodman. HBO has optioned Halbreich's upcoming memoir, All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go

Halbreich seems like a ripe candidate for interpretation. In a New York profile from 1998 she was illustrated thusly: "A brassy Chicago native with a manner that’s part Angela Lansbury and part Lucille Ball, Halbreich believes in taking chances with color and accessorizing lavishly. And because she loves clothes so much, she feels more deeply let down by them when they’re dowdy and uninspired." This past September the New York Times described Halbreich as "the indomitable, irascible and semi-legendary personal shopper at Bergdorf’s, a woman who has shaken money from the pockets of half the plutocrats in this town." Judith Thurman published her own pierce on Halbreich in the New Yorker this November in which Patricia Field explained that the Chicago native borrowed from the classics in cultivating her New York persona: "The wisecracks, the attitude, that El Morocco voice are all out of Damon Runyon." Halbreich joined Bergdorf's in 1976, has worked with a number of celebrity clients, and had a hand in the fashion of Sex and the City, Woody Allen films, Broadway shows, and even Gossip Girl. Now some version of her life is set to be captured on the small screen, by no less than the most discussed of HBO ingenues.


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