Kate Upton Isn't the Star of the Kate Upton Super Bowl Commercial

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Last week Mercedes released a (slightly controversial) teaser of an ad in which Kate Upton looked hot and "washed" a car. Upton does figure into the extended cut of the company's Super Bowl commercial released today, but it's really more of a cameo than anything else. Scored to the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil," the spot centers around a man who is tempted by, yes, the devil—played by the perpetually devilish Willem Dafoe—who offers up the car maker's CLA model and "everything that goes along with it." That apparently includes red-carpet appearances with Upton, dancing with Usher, magazine covers, and fame. Ultimately, our dude protagonist decides not to take the devil's offer, since the car turns out to be available starting under $30,000:

Fantasies that involve beautiful women are not exactly new territory in Super Bowl commercials, of course. AdAge points out that the Mercedes ad is "somewhat reminiscent" of Kia's spot from last year, which featured Victoria's Secret supermodel Adriana Lima and the tag line "A Dream Car. For Real Life." This year, however, Kia went for this truly bizarre "space babies" ad:

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