The Jennifer Lawrence Award-Season Schtick Is Impossible to Hate

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The I-beat-Meryl thing wasn't a dig — it was a joke! And if the new SNL jokes are any indication, there's a lot more Lovable Jennifer Lawrence where that came from. The Silver Linings Playbook actress is not only already a two-time Oscar nominee at the age of 22, but she's also an Internet sensation with GIF-able facial expressions and a penchant for giving interviews in which she seems totally normal and not-very-Hollywood, farts included. Now her post-Golden Globes media tour — she won for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical and is headed for a face-off with Jessica Chastain at the Oscars — seems to only be furthering her very much human public persona.

First, she went on David Letterman and explained the "I beat Meryl" joke she made during her Globes acceptance speech. 

When she got up to accept her award Sunday, Lawrence jokingly said "I beat Meryl" — a statement which some took as a slight to her fellow nominee and Hollywood legend Meryl Streep. But it was actually a Bette Midler quote from the movie The First Wives Club. (If people had just read her Vanity Fair profile, they would have known that she once face-palm-ed Bill Maher to just stare at the legendary actress.) 

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Now Lawrence's promos for her hosting duty's on this weekend's Saturday Night Live are out, and she's poking fun at her awards season presence, along with jokes about Wesley Snipes films and the shooting of an arrow at (in?) Bobby Moynihan.  

We have high hopes for Lawrence's SNL gig. Not only is she clearly versatile, but all signs point to Lawrence being totally game and not afraid to embarrass herself. If her nonchalant media demeanor is all just shtick, it's clearly shtick that's working and we're interested to see how it translates to the wacky world of SNL

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