The Best Music from the Inaugural Balls

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A long and eventful Inauguration Day turned into a big party night in Washington, D.C., and Michelle Obama's red dress wasn't the only main attraction. A variety of musical artists — from Alicia Keys to Brad Paisley — played the two official inaugural balls, with some making two stops. Tonight, Lady Gaga is scheduled to perform at the ball for White House staffers as the parties continue. But to get you through the day, here are the all the standout clips (of varying quality) from last night's performances. 

Alicia Keys
Perhaps the most talked about performance: Keys amended the lyrics to her song "Girl on Fire" to sing "Obama's on Fire":

Jennifer Hudson 
Hudson belted "Let's Stay Together" for the Obamas' dance:

Jamie Foxx
The Bidens swayed to Foxx's version of "I Can't Stop Loving You":

The group was, according to MTV, the Obamas' "de facto opening act" at the Inaugural Ball:



Stevie Wonder
Obama favorite Stevie Wonder was an obvious choice:


Brad Paisley
Paisley added some country to the mix:

Katy Perry
Perry ditched the leotard she wore to the Kid's Inaugural Concert and struck up a rendition of "Teenage Dream": 

John Legend, Darren Criss, and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden
Catch clips of all three performing (separately) in this AP video: 

Piers Morgan and Chris Tucker 
Okay, so they weren't officially performers, but they did do a little dance — much to the apparent horror of Erin Burnett:

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