Your First Look at Another Year of Katniss Fever

A new year, a new Hunger Games movie.

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A new year, a new Hunger Games movie. Entertainment Weekly is starting the hype that will inevitably lead up to Catching Fire's November release with a cover featuring Jennifer Lawrence as heroine Katniss Everdeen and pretty boy Sam Claflin as pretty boy Finnick Odair. Their costumes will be familiar to those who've already seen those photos that circulated last year of the cast in Hawaii, where they filmed portions of the sequel.

Accompanying the cover image are excerpts from the accompanying story, which once again show that Lawrence, a likely second-time Oscar nominee come tomorrow, is a media genius: Her penchant for seeming totally untrained in interviews continues to be charming, as she leans into the EW recorder and jokes, "I'm pregnant!"

Here's the cover:

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