Here's the First Destiny's Child Song In Eight Years

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Yesterday, Destiny's Child got R&B fans pumped for their big return to the studio. It didn't take long for their new track "Nuclear" to appear online, and for some reason Mashable got to midwife the official release. On the same day that word got out about the trio's upcoming onstage reunion during the Superbowl Halftime show, Sony Music gave the popular social media blog an exclusive stream of Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle's new song. Which—really? They couldn't have teamed up with a more R&B-friendly site like The Fader or Complex? They had to go with the site that thinks Snooki's appearance at CES is newsworthy?

Anyways, the label also launched an official Destiny's Child Tumblr with more information about the group's new compilation album Love Songs. Check out the slinky new Pharrell-produced single below.

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