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As with many of these things, the Golden Globes red carpet was a mess of questionable fashion choices, awkward interviews, and, of course, Ryan Seacrest. Beyond the best and worst dressed, we've collected some of the best and weirdest moments as we got ready for the big show.

Seacrest's Hair
The E! don's giant hair was a point of conversation for its, well, height.

Katharine McPhee's Sideboob
Ryan Seacrest awkwardly interviewed the star of NBC's Smash about her sideboob-tastic dress. "You can't avoid it," Seacreast said. Consensus seems to be that cleavage was big on this year's red carpet, and McPhee was one of its champions:

Zooey Deschanel's Nails
Okay, they're just cute.

Aziz Ansari Called Giuliana Rancic Racist
After Rancic asked Ansari to show her some dance moves because she thinks he "has good rhythm," the Parks & Rec star asked her if that was because of his "chocolate skin tone" and proceeded to teach her a dance called "What? That's Racist! Don't Say That Again."

Jennifer Lawrence Did Not Shake Seacrest's Hand
He mentioned she had the flu.

Eva Longoria Wore Angelina Jolie's Leg
After Angelina Jolie's leg became one of the memes of last year's Oscars, Longoria appeared to want to emulate her to viral stardom.

The Today Anchors Want to Frisk George Clooney
No further comment needed.

And What Ricky Gervais Was Wearing
He's not hosting (and not even attending) but Ricky Gervais did not want to miss out.

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