The Fake Oscar Leak That Broke a Potential Nominee's Heart

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The Oscar people have had plenty of trouble with the technology behind their nominations this year, but the Academy did not leak one of the nominees in the costume design category. Marnie Hanel at Vanity Fair spotted a page Friday at that appeared to announce the nomination of Django Unchained's Sharen Davis, then called her up to ask how she felt. But it was way too soon: Following complaints over its new e-voting process, the Academy this week pushed back its nominating deadline — voting doesn't even end until 5 p.m. Pacific Time, so there's no way Davis could have been nominated yet.

An Academy spokesperson told The Atlantic Wire late Friday that Oscar website pages are created for all possible nominees, and only those for actual nominees go live. This one was set live as an accident, the spokesperson said, adding that a vote count had yet to be begin and that, thus, poor Sharen Davis got all worked up for nothing.

The page has since been taken down: 

Actual Oscar nominations are due out January 10

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