Eliot Spitzer Is Out of a Job (Again)

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Eliot Spitzer is joining the ranks of unemployed Americans. Just a few days after Current TV was sold to Al Jazeera, Spitzer has terminated his employment with the station. Viewpoint, his primetime talk show, will now be hosted by someone else. 

"Moving forward, their mission will be different," Spitzer told The New York Times' Brian Stelter. Current TV isn't scheduled to complete its transformation into Al Jazeera America for another few months, but Spitzer knows his time with the channel is limited and that he won't fit with the new look when change does come. Stelter describes the new direction: "more international newscasts, less liberal talk about the news." Besides, Spitzer's contract ended after the November election. 

Stelter speculated Spitzer might return to politics with all of his free time. In case you don't remember, Spitzer resigned as New York Governor in 2008 after he was busted for cavorting with high class call girls. After a brief minute out of the public eye, he went on to host talkshow at CNN. He resigned from that before finally settling with Current. His ratings weren't spectacular. They were just good enough to keep the channel from getting dropped, though, mostly thanks to Spitzer's mom. But there was speculation that he would return to politics all the way back in 2011, possibly with a run for New York Mayor once Bloomberg is finished. "Others presume I have the ambitions," he told Stelter. "Let me leave it at that for now."

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