2013 Can Only Get Better After This Epic Disaster of a New Year's Eve Broadcast

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What's one good way to start off a new year? By having the worst thing happen right at the beginning. Once that's over it's clear sailing the rest of the way, right? Well, tiny independent television station KDOC in Orange County is certainly hoping so, after its first-ever live New Year's Eve broadcast, First Night 2013 hosted by Jamie Kennedy (yes, the Jamie Kennedy), proved such an epic disaster that comedian Patton Oswalt has declared himself "speechless" after witnessing the wreck. A highlight reel of the broadcast is currently making the Internet rounds, while the clip's original poster, BlackDudeWhiteChick, teases a full-length version some time this weekend. While you wait, take a look at these lowlights, which include: multiple f-bombs on live television, cutaways to nothing, Macy Gray murmuring strange things to a deeply confused audience, Jamie Kennedy engaging in some uncomfortable racial banter, and a fight that breaks out on stage just as the broadcast is wrapping up. Well-orchestrated stunt or real-life catastrophe? We're pretty sure it's the latter, but whatever it is, it is its own work of gonzo art. Happy New Year, everyone.

[via Grantland]

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