Christopher Nolan Plans His Next Picture

Today in show business news: Christopher Nolan has found his followup to The Dark Knight Rises, Ali Larter gets a plum TV role, and Godzilla gets a guy.

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Today in show business news: Christopher Nolan has found his followup to The Dark Knight Rises, Ali Larter gets a plum TV role, and Godzilla gets a guy.

Blockbuster auteur Christopher Nolan is now a few months off his big Batman trilogy-ender The Dark Knight Rises, and has decided to head back to work. He's currently in talks to direct Interstellar, a script about "time travel and alternate dimensions" written by... his brother. Oh, so, that's a no-brainer, right? Well, apparently not. Negotiations are still happening, and at one point Steven Spielberg was attached to the project. I guess the brothers don't always have to work together, even if mom says they should. Spielberg's off the job though, so in comes Nolan. Which is exciting! I mean, it'd be nice to see what Nolan could do with a smaller, non-gimmicky, non-sci-fi/action type deal, but ah well. That's clearly not what he's interested in. Oh and while we're on the topic of Spielberg? It seems his Robopocalypse has been put in indefinite hold while they work on script problems. Oh, good. And by "work on script problems" they mean "hold a national contest for school children to come up with a better name than goddamned Robopocalypse, right?" Because school children could definitely come up with a better name. So, get to work, children. [The Hollywood Reporter; The Hollywood Reporter]

Final Destination actress and Heroes genius Ali Larter has been cast as the female lead in the big TNT pilot Legends. That's the one from a Homeland writer about a guy who is a master of disguise. That guy was to be played by Brendan Fraser but he has been replaced by Sean Bean. Larter will be one of his disguises. Well no, not really, she's some sort of "operative." But who she's playing is not really what's important. What's important is the rest of the cast, which includes Steve Harris, Amber Valletta, and Tina Majorino, among others. This is a show with a very weird cast! Lemme guess, Tina Majorino plays the snarky lab tech or computer whiz or whatever, the Abby or the lady from 24 who started the whole damn craze. That's gotta be it, right? Whoever she's playing, I am pretty excited about seeing at least the pilot of this strangely cast show. Which was probably TNT's nefarious intention all along. [Deadline]

Speaking of strange television shows, Steve Harvey's advice-based talk show has been renewed for another season. The show, mysteriously titled Steve Harvey, airs in 98% of the country and has gained in ratings over its first year. So, that's great. More advice along the lines of "act like a lady, think like a man," which is really helpful for everyone. At least the enormous suit industry will keep on thriving. There's something to be said for that. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Aaron Johnson — excuse me Aaron Taylor-Johnson, I keep forgetting he married that lady — might soon be starring in the next Godzilla film. Yup, out are Matthew Broderick and Maria Pitillo (what a team!) and in, maybe, is Aaron Taylor-Johnson. This remake is being directed by Gareth Edwards, who made the better-than-expected Monsters, so it could potentially be an interesting project. Then again, it is Godzilla. Do we really need to hear more from Godzilla? If Aaron is playing the monster, that could be interesting, but otherwise why not cast him in some other monster movie. Like, The Sex Monster Who Is Allergic To Shirts or The Cuddle Monster Who Roams The East Village Cuddling With Entertainment Bloggers. You know, something that people would want to see, something fresh and new and exciting. Think about it, Gareth. Think about it. [Deadline]

Entertainment Weekly has some new photos from Catching Fire, the second film in the Hunger Games movie quadrilogy which comes out this Thanksgiving. In the pictures, Philip Seymour Hoffman looks bored and confused, Donald Sutherland looks drunk, and Katniss's mom and sister look... I dunno I fell asleep. But! If you click past this newest photo gallery, you get to an only slightly older one (it's from yesterday) that features Peeta lookin' peaked, Gale lookin' growly, and Finnick lookin' fine. And, of course, Katniss looking nice as well. So, click through the boring to get to the not-so-boring. If you care deeply about The Hunger Games. that is. If you don't, why are you still reading this? [Entertainment Weekly]

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