Britney Spears to Become Vegas Lounge Act

Today in celebrity news: Britney may soon have a lucrative deal in Nevada, her sister may soon be engaged, and Lena Dunham and Howard Stern make amends. 

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Today in celebrity news: Britney may soon have a lucrative deal in Nevada, her sister may soon be engaged, and Lena Dunham and Howard Stern make amends. 

After many years of ups and downs, Britney Spears seems to be getting it together. She walked away from her gig at The X Factor after one season, perhaps because she was going to be fired for being boring. Britney Spears! Boring! The girl is growing up. And now she's reportedly in talks with three different Las Vegas casinos to become their featured act. Like Celine Dion, like Shania Twain, like Rita Rudner. Yes, Britney is entertaining offers to put together some kinda sit-down Vegas show, and apparently it's gonna be big bucks. There was a rumor that Caesar's Palace was offering her $200 million for two years, but that seems to have been debunked. But that figure isn't far off, TMZ says. She really could be looking at that much coin. That's what Celine Dion was paid, and people think Spears could be an even bigger draw. Which... really? I don't know about that. I'm no Britney hater, mind you, but the gal doesn't exactly have the pipes that ol' Frenchy over there does. (Frenchy-Canady?) Celine Dion can certifiably blow, and that's a big attraction for people who want to plop down the money to see her show. Plus she appeals to an older crowd, which is kind of the crew that sees Vegas shows anyway, right? Britney Spears would do wonderfully with, like, gay bachelor parties, but beyond that? Who wants to pay all that money to see someone wriggle around and lip-synch? OK, yeah, people go to Ke$ha concerts all the time, but those are teenagers in Bergen County, not adults on vacation in the desert. I like the idea of Britney staying put, getting even more stable, making some scratch. But I'm not sure she's exactly Celine-level Vegas talent. If only Pleasure Island still existed. She'd be perfect for that. Hey DisneyWorld, why not reopen Pleasure Island? Yeah, yeah, all those people died or went missing, but that's in the past. This is the future. And we've got the perfect headlining act for you. [TMZ]

Sticking with the Spears family, Britney's little sister Jamie Lynn might be "marriage bound," if Page Six is to be believed. Or rather, if Jamie Lynn's boyfriend, who spoke to Page Six, is to be believed. Yeah, her "businessman" boyfriend Jamie Watson spoke to the paper, saying that things are "going really great." So... that's good. But then things turn a little creepy. First is the fact that Jamie Lynn, already a mother, is only 21 years old and Watson is 30, and then Watson says "I asked her the other night what the hell is taking so long" about Spears's attempted Nashville country music career. Uh, slow your roll, buddy. Seems like someone thinks he bought a ticket for the gravy train and is mad that it hasn't arrived yet. Well, OK, he then went on to say "But she’s really particular about her stuff. She’s trying to do it right because she knows people will be watching." Which I guess makes him seem a little more sympathetic, but still. The eeriest thing is that there is zero context for this little chat with Page Six. He maybe was just talking to Page Six for talking to Page Six's sake. Which is not good. I dunno, Jamie Lynn. I don't know about this guy. He has the same name! What good can come of that? There are a lot of red flags here, basically. Lotta things that don't sit quite right. Then again, this is the Spears family we're talking about. It's like a whole season of True Blood with only a few characters. So who knows. Maybe this is true love. [Page Six]

Elsewhere in young love, Selena Gomez is getting over her breakup with Justin Bieber by getting under another fella. Or, at least holding hands with another fella at a Golden Globes party. Gomez, who was really making the rounds on Globes night, was seen at the CAA party at the Sunset Tower Hotel talking and holding hands with Aussie actor Luke Bracey, who played Leighton Meester's love interest in Gomez's movie Monte Carlo. Gomez was overheard telling Bracey about her ill-fated trip to Mexico with Bieber, saying "It was awful" and "We were fighting." It's unclear when or in what way the hand-holding happened, but they apparently were holding hands at some point. So. Big deal, huh? Two drunk young people were holding hands in some fashion at a party, while one of them talked about her ex-boyfriend. The glamorous lives of the rich and famous! Never could such a conversation happen in our own dusty ol' dumb lives. Nah, that's just for them. It's news story material. Twenty-year-old talks to guy she knows about ex-boyfriend, holds his hand while doing so. Unreal. Splash it on the cover of a magazine. Hollywood. A town of dreams. [Us Weekly]

Howard Stern and Lena Dunham have officially made up. After the radio shock jock, who is an Ent wearing a wig, called Dunham "a little fat girl who kinda looks like Jonah Hill" on his program, while actually praising Dunham's show Girls, Stern apologized, or rather clarified his statements, earlier this week. And yesterday Dunham called into the show. Stern told Dunham, "It’s not about apologizing, although I want to say I’m a fan of yours," which Dunham seemed to accept, joking that "I'm not that fat. I don’t mean to take major issue with you about this. I’m not super-thin, but I’m thin for, like, Detroit." Which is very true. Dunham said that she was a fan of Stern's no matter what, and then that was basically it. So, good. A celebrity feud solved amicably. Sure it's kind of unfortunate that Stern continues to be a gross jerk about women all the time, but what can you do about that. He's a weird scarecrow person with a thick black wig of rubber snakes and he's been that way for all of his 76 years on this planet. There is no changing that. It's not the best thing in the world, but I guess it's not the worst either. End of story. You can all go back to not listening to Howard Stern now. [Page Six]

Scream 4 actress Emma Roberts introduced her boyfriend, American Horror Story actor Evan Peters, to her famous aunt Julia recently. Yeah, they were all at the same charity function together and so the introduction was made. Here's the weird part though: Julia was there with her husband and when she saw Emma, her niece, she said to him, "I've just spotted Emma, so I'm going to go say 'hi.'" She went over, gave Peters a hug, and talked to them for only a few minutes before going on her way. Isn't that just a little strange? Like, they're family! Close family! Aunt and niece! "I'm going to go say 'hi.'" She's not your dentist, lady, she's your niece! Your brother's kid! I dunno. Maybe they see each other all the time so it's no big deal, they're allowed to quickly say hello at a party and be on their way, but it just seems odd to me. I mean, no one's ever going to call Julia Roberts the friendliest person in the world, no she doesn't exactly exude warmth and openness, but still. It's family. It's Emma Roberts, sure, but it's still family. Why not hang out a little more? Go get dinner? Who knows. That's Hollywood for you, I guess. [Us Weekly]

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