Will Smith and His Kid Are in Trouble

Today in show business news: A new trailer has Big Willie Style and Little Willie Style stranded, Eliza Dushku is returning to TV, and Taylor Swift is forever.

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Columbia Pictures has released the first trailer for After Earth, the Will Smith/Jaden Smith sci-fi thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan. So... doesn't that sound great? M. Night Shyamalan hasn't made a bad movie since his last movie, and everyone loves Jaden Smith, what with his great rap songs and all. Will Smith is in it, but he doesn't do the bulk of the adventuring, as his character is stuck injured in a spaceship most of the time. So it's mostly Jaden Smith running around a world of M. Night Shyamalan's making. What could possibly go wrong with that?? Anyway, this is the second vaguely Scientology-related sci-fi trailer to come out in the past few days, after Tom Cruise's Oblivion, so something's going on. It's starting, maybe? You know, "it." The big plan. Whatever it is. Forces are amassing. They're getting us wooed into movie theaters, and while we're in there, they're gonna... throw out all our Ativan? It's hard to say. But something, guys. Something.

Guess who might be returning to TV? None other than butt-kickin' Boston babe Eliza Dushku, aka Faith, aka Echo, aka Tru Calling or whatever her name was on that show. She's set to co-star in a "backdoor pilot" (not as degrading as it sounds) that's an update of The Saint, as in that show from the 1960s/that terrible movie from the '90s that killed both Val Kilmer's and Elisabeth Shue's careers. (Well, OK, that's debatable, but it was definitely the beginning of the end for both.) Anyway, it's a modern update and Dushku will play the love interest of the Saint, but hopefully it's more than just the girl. Whatever it is, it is exciting to think that Eliza Dushku will soon be back on television. Of course, no network is attached to the thing yet, but that's no matter. Someone will pick it up, they have to! It's Dushku! Dushkuuuuu! She should get Joss Whedon to make a few calls, now that he's the biggest movie director in the world. He'll make sure everything's five by five. [Deadline]

The headline: "Taylor Swift to Debut 23rd Music Video on MTV During Weeklong Birthday Celebration." Yikes. Isn't that a little grand sounding? Like, dictatorial almost? Grand Wonderful Chancellor Swift to Bless 23rd Song Upon a Grateful Nation During Week of Birth Festival. It's a bit intense. The thing is, she's turning 23 and this will be her 23rd video so it's all this synergy and little kid numerology, so it's a big deal. And of course they have to put her song "22" on an ice floe and push it out to sea and then light its pyre ablaze with a flaming arrow, so that takes most of the week. The new single is called "I Knew You Were Trouble," which is probably about some kind of boyfriend that she had once. Just a crazy guess. Anyhoo, this big celebration will culminate in the video's release, at which point everyone will weep in the streets as Taylor's motorcade passes by, speakers blaring the song, a single gloved hand waving out of the tinted window. And it will be the most special moment of our lives. This is the land of Taylor Swift. We are just lowly scum honored to live somewhere within her proximity. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Glenn Close and Nick Nolte have signed on to star in a drama film written by the guy who wrote the heavy metal jukebox musical Rock of Ages, so that should be exciting. In Always on My Mind, Nolte plays an aging rock 'n' roller who is beginning to suffer from Alzheimer's while Close plays the supportive wife who is trying to care for him. So it's a gender-reversed Away From Her with two Americans. Well, one American and whatever Nick Nolte's craggy rock-people refer to themselves as. One American and one Goron star in a rock 'n' roll version of Sarah Polley's Away From Her written by the Rock of Ages clown. So. Enjoy that Alzheimer's drama, everyone! [Deadline]

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