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SantaCon is an annual pub crawl where everyone dresses up like Mr. or Mrs. Claus. You would think it's fun and popular, but the most vocal sentiment online is that Santacon is the worst part of the holidays. 

Judging by these AP pictures from SantaCon in London, it doesn't look that bad. Here you can see them in front of the iconic Big Ben! Now imagine the Empire State Building, or the Chrysler Building in its place. Seems nice, right?  

And theres Mrs. Clauses seem to be having a lot of fun riding the trolley.

Santa's walking down the street seems like a nice, festive image. Can you think of how much nicer this would look in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the New York Public Library steps?

Or doing this on the Wall Street Bull! 

And yet everyone in New York talks about it like it's the worst thing on earth: 

So, why all the hate? Is it just classic New York City cynicism, or are these complaints founded in real life reasons to hate people having a few drinks and dressing up like Santa Claus? Well...

"There was public urination, people vomiting all over the place, open containers and no police," said John Fratta, chairman of the Seaport/Civic Center Committee which plans to send an angry missive to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and the 1st Precinct complaining about the lack of enforcement during SantaCon.

Apparently some of the Santas have little too much rum and egg nog. Last year was especially terrible, according to this DNAInfo report. It seems a lot of the Santas are just jerk frat boys looking to continue binge drinking once school is out. The SantaCon hate in New York is so palpable Eater made "No Drunk Santas Welcome Here" signs for restauranteurs to print out ahead of today's festivities, and Gothamist made a map of how to avoid the Krooked Kringles throughout the day. This is just the line up of Santa's to get into one New York City bar this afternoon: 

Capital New York's Joe Pompeo summed it up nicely for CNN's British import Piers Morgan:

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