'The Walking Dead' Is in Trouble Again

Today in show business news: Another leader has walked away from AMC's biggest show, Rebel Wilson gets an MTV hosting gig, and Tyler Perry teases Kim Kardashian.

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AMC's top-rated show The Walking Dead will soon be on its third showrunner, as Glen Mazzara has announced that he's stepping down, with plans to work through post-production on the second half of the third season before walking away. So the show is captainless once again, having already suffered through a changeover when original showrunner Frank Darabont left the series after the first season. It's a shame that Mazzara is leaving, really: under him the show hit creative high notes while getting scarier and darker. But AMC notoriously has issues with its showrunners, frequently haggling over budgets and arguing over creative concerns with Mad Men's Matthew Weiner and Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan. And, as Deadline reminds us, Rubicon also lost its showrunner midway through production on the first (and last) season, while Hell On Wheels's main guy just left after two. So... it would seem that AMC is maybe not the easiest place to works for these top-of-the-foodchain types. The Killing's Veena Sud didn't seem to have many problems with the network, though — until they canceled her show. But back to Walking Dead, we hope they find someone strong to replace Mazzara. What's Brenda Hampton up to? Or Greg Berlanti? It's been a while since Marta Kauffman did anything, maybe she could step up. Really anyone like that would be great. Get on it, AMC! [Deadline]

Rebel Wilson has been named the host of next summer's MTV Movie Awards, an honor previously bestowed upon Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan. (Seriously, there have been some weird hosts.) So, good for her? It's hard to say. I like Rebel Wilson — she's smart and funny — but also feel like she's sort of forced to make fat jokes about herself all the time? Like Melissa McCarthy is, too? Or, like, not direct fat jokes, but jokes about how they're so sexual when, haha, surely it's a ridiculous proposition that an overweight woman would be sexual. It's just this weird sense I get when I watch Rebel Wilson in things that makes me a little sad. If that's what she wants to do, then fine. But I have a hard time believing that all the uglly stuff she did in What to Expect When You're Expecting is really what she wants to be doing. But, anyway. It's the MTV Movie Awards. Nothing about it really matters. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's a trailer for Tyler Perry's latest jam, Tyler Perry's Temptation. It's about Tyler Perry sitting in his living room looking furtively at a picture of Morris Chestnut. Haha, no, no, it's about a woman (Jurnee Smollett from Full House) who is tempted to cheat on her husband when she meets a sexy new businessman. The businessman is played by an actor who looks and sounds a lot like Alton from Real World: Las Vegas, but it's not him. Oh, and! The other big thing about this movie is that Kim Kardashian is in it. Yes, the Kim Kardashian. And no, Ray J is not her costar in this one. So, this looks like standard Madea-less Tyler Perry dramatic fare, though the Smollett factor (FNL!!) and Kardashian have us more interested than usual. Now, Tyler, put down that photo of Daniel Sunjata and go take a walk around the neighborhood.

And here is a trailer for Mr. Selfridge, the new British miniseries about old-timey Ari Gold. Yes, Jeremy Piven plays the owner of Selfridges, the London store that changed how people shop or something. So it's Downton Abbey about shopping, starring Ari Gold. Thrilling.

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