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This morning we brought you the Golden Globes nominations, which were exciting, but also kind of disappointing. But we're putting aside our sadness over all the snubs because immediately following the announcement NBC released this promo for the broadcast starring your hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. It's great. They're great. This show is going to be great. 

Look at them go. They use old time-y, Katharine Hepburn-style accents. They wear sparkly dresses. They are charming and delightful and will probably be funny, but not Ricky Gervais-style mean.  

So we have high hopes for the show part of the Globes. We expect everyone to be drunk and having a grand old time. But what about the official reason everyone shows up? What about the actual prizes? Well, there were some notable people who didn't get nominated this morning. Matthew McConaughey, who won praise for his supporting work in films like Magic Mike and Bernie, was probably the snub of the year.

Robert De Niro didn't get nominated for his work in Silver Linings Playbook, either. And indie favorite Beasts of the Southern Wild was shut out. On the TV side of things, Mad Men and Game of Thrones didn't make the cut. 

So what does all this mean when it comes to the Oscars? The Huffington Post's Christopher Rosen tweeted that "#goldenglobes mean nothing," but Brooks Barnes at insists that the nominations "may have never mattered more," explaining that "the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of 80 or so mostly freelance writers, announced its picks just four days before the unusually early onset of Oscar voting. So an armful of Globes nominations will without question put momentum behind certain Academy Award hopefuls." (As Alexandra Beggs at Vanity Fair examines, the HFPA voters are as sad as you might expect.) That said, the nominations should instill hope in the folks behind Django Unchained. We, meanwhile, are just rewatching that Poeher/Fey promo over and over again.  

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