'Master' Is Still a Best-Picture Long Shot: Atlantic Wire Golden Tally Update

Paul Thomas Anderson's film was shut out of the drama category at the Golden Globes, but last night it dominated the Toronto Film Critics Association awards, so at least it has its fans.

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Look, when it comes to predicting this year's Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, we've always said The Master is a wild card at best. Last week its actors scored Golden Globes nominations, Paul Thomas Anderson's mediation on cult and human nature was shut out of the drama category for best picture. But last night it dominated the Toronto Film Critics Association awards, so at least The Master has its fans.

The Canadian critics gave the film its prizes for best picture, best supporting actor, best director, and best adapted or original screenplay. While the film also had Los Angeles critics swooning and has raked in the London Critics' Circle nominations, its Oscar future may not be so bright. Glenn Whipp at the Los Angeles Times' Envelope explained that the fact that the film did not do well in the SAG nominations does not "bode well" for it. Even though Whipp's a fan, he doesn't have high hopes.

In other categories, the Toronto critics deemed Rachel Weisz best actress for her performance in The Deep Blue Sea. Weisz, who was a surprise winner of a New York Film Critics Circle award and now has a Golden Globe nomination, might find her name called out in February.

Here's our chart of who has won what in the smaller awards so far:

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