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Spin has informed its subscribers that they won't be getting a November/December issue. Or any more issues, for that matter. Like PasteBlender, and Vibe before them, the music magazine is going digital-only.

Many saw this day coming when BuzzMedia purchased Spin back in July and promptly laid off a third of its editorial staff. "BuzzMedia and Spin are committed to moving forward with print, but we are still determining exactly how print fits in with Spin’s multiple distribution points and growth initiatives," the head honchos said at the time. Apparently they have determined that print fits in with Spin's multiple distribution points and growth initiatives by not existing. Cool solution! To be fair, Spin started phasing out its print product long before BuzzMedia came around, going bimonthly and cutting its rate base in the Fall of 2011.

Meanwhile, in a bizarre ploy to capitalize on bereaved Spin readers, Car and Driver is offering to send issues of their fine automotive magazine in Spin's stead. A letter from the Hearst-owned magazine reads:

I know a lot of you got deeper into music because of how Spin brought you into that world. Try it, and I guarantee Car and Driver will do the same thing for the automobile. Because you can live without music and cars, but who would want to?

Anyways, let's hope that BuzzMedia doesn't turn Spin into another Stereogum or Idolator. Even though the magazine sometimes fell prey to the music world's hype hysteria, they've still been publishing lots and lots and lots of great features recently—the kind of stuff that should have a home on Here's Spin's final cover: 

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