Nick Lachey Ruins Perfectly Bad Football Game

Today in celebrity gossip: A 98 Degrees veteran gets all overheated, the Kardashian siblings are destroying the world on an international level, and more hook-uppery for Harry and Taylor. 

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It seems that former 98 Degrees boyband singer turned Newlyweds reality star turned — what does he do now, host something? Whatever, Nick Lachey acted up a bit when at the Chargers-Bengals game in San Diego this weekend. See, Lachey is from Cincinnati, and he's the only resident to have escaped that city who remains proud of being from that city (sorry), and so was very passionate about his beloved Bengals winning this big football match. Unfortunately he was in Snooze City, aka The Big Bore By the Bay, aka The Surf Shanty, aka godawful San Diego, and most of the other fans in the stadium were rooting for them Chargers. Meaning, Nick was heckling loudly, causing a Chargers fan to turn around and engage him. Nick said something bad in return, the lady replied along the lines of "Well [that player] will last longer than your boy band," and that really set Nick Lachey off. Because if there's one thing that middle-aged men trying to act cool at football games really don't like to be publicly reminded of, it's that they were in a middlingly successful boyband. They really hate that. Try it the next time you're in Foxborough or wherever. It does not go over well. So, yeah, Nick unleashed a stream of obscenities at the lady, her male friend/lover/whatever got involved, Nick did some sorta headlock maneuver on him, and then he got kicked out. Trying to get out in front of the epic embarrassment — a grown man was thrown out of a football stadium in San Diego for being an aggressive jerk about the Bengals — Lachey then tweeted some joke about being proud to support his team so hard that he got kicked out. Because Nick was playing on the field, don't you know, and had sway over the outcome of the game. I mean, right? Why else would anyone get so upset about something that has nothing to do with them and is completely out of their hands? He must have been playing for the team at one point. Otherwise that would be ridiculous. Anyway, the whole thing is embarrassing and silly and I thought I'd bring it to your attention. The former Mr. Jessica Simpson, everyone. His life continues, in a fashion. [TMZ]

Ugh. Speaking of embarrassing and dumb and awful things, Rob Kardashian. No, not just the fact of Rob Kardashian. That's not the embarrassing and dumb and awful thing, though, yeah, you may have a point. No, the bad thing is that he went on Twitter yesterday (adult men: get off Twitter if you can't get a handle it, honestly) and said: "She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we [sic] apart? But I mean 20?!!!" So it would appear that young master Kardashian has gone through something of a split-up with a lady friend recently. That lady is believed to be a British pop singer named Rita Ora, who Kardashian was known to be dating. So what does Twitter do when presented with this unconfirmed information about Ms. Ora's sex life? Well, of course they create a widely trending tag called #RitaWhora, because people on Twitter are terrific. Look, if Rita Ora stepped out on her monogamous relationship twenty different times? That's not a great thing to do. But neither is an adult man going on to a computer game and publicly shaming her. Granted, he didn't use her name, but still. Also, now that you [sic] apart, what does it matter who she sleeps with? Who cares? Dumb. All of it dumb. #RitaWhora, guys? You should be ashamed of yourselves. This whole thing. Everyone get off the computers. Right now. Well, finish reading this and the rest of the fine content on The Atlantic Wire, and then get off the Internet. It's the best thing. [E!]

Meanwhile, Rob's sister Kim is in the Middle East, doing some sort of weird milkshake-promoting/fact-finding tour of the region, and she is being warmly received. Not just because it's a g.d. desert over there, but because I guess the people of the Middle East actually love them some San Diego Chargers Kim Kardashian. The people of Bahrain in particular really love her, because if you were stuck on a desert island in the Persian Gulf wouldn't you be into large floatation devices, too? Yeah, a bunch of teen girls freaked the freak out when Kardashian showed up on the isle to open a Millions of Milkshakes store, so much so that The New York Times covered it. Yeah, Kim's a big deal now, guys. She will probably be our ambassador to the planet Neptune soon. It's a huge appointment, and we should be proud of her. (Psst, guys I know that's not a real job but Kim doesn't and she might be reading this and the government is trying to send her into outer space so just go along with it, OK? Just be cool.) Kardashian for space ambassador in 2013! [The New York Times]
OooOOhhh. World's biggest boyband 98 Degrees One Direction had a concert in New York City last night and afterward the lads — Zayn, Niall, Finnegan, Shipley, Drake II: White Drake, and Fergie — went to go sing some karaoke at a nearby hotel bar. Yeah, I mean it's not like they'd been singing all night. Seriously, they very likely hadn't been singing all night. So, yeah, their vocal cords were primed and ready to go, so off they went. And band member Harry Styles brought along his current lady love, Ms. Taylor Swift. Yes, they went to the zoo this weekend and karaoke last night, so later this week they're going to feed old people at a nursing home, checking out the state fair together, and then it's off to a sock-hop filled with kindly ghosts on Friday. Well, OK, it's not all squeaky-clean fun for this young pair. After the singing ended, at around 4 a.m., Harry and Taylor went back to Taylor's hotel together. Meaning they might have kissed in her room or something. Like, with tongue. So, yeah, sure, mostly they have wholesome Archie comics plotline dates like the zoo and karaoke, but they also go back to hotel rooms and kiss for a while and then giggle at each other wearing the complimentary bathrobes and run down to the vending machine at the end of the hall for a late-night candy raid! They're a wild pair, those two. Watch out for 'em. No, seriously, they're in the bumper car behind you, doing some more giggling, so watch out for them. [E!]

A slightly less wholesome pair, old friends Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz, hung out together at the opening of a new Manhattan nightclub called Rosewood this past weekend. A new club that I can't find any info about on the Internet? (That is how I find out about clubs, because that's the coolest way.) So maybe it's not real, or maybe Page Six got the name wrong, but whatever the case, Leo and Cam'ron were out together and hanging out with models like Miranda Kerr and friends. Leo and Cam were apparently very chatty and familiar, old friends hangin' out at a made-up club that doesn't exist. They stayed late, but the next day both made it to brunch, Cameron eating at The Lion with another friend and Leonardo being spotted at Night & Day brunch, which I can find on the Internet and sounds horrible. Glad they had fun. Seems like it'd be more fun to eat french fries while lying on your couch watching Nashville, but different strokes, I suppose. [Page Six]

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