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In one of the episodes screened at Portlandia's season three premiere last night, two of the characters played by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein try to take back MTV. They storm into the company's offices along with an army of MTV originals—Kurt Loder, Tabitha Soren, and Matt Pinfield—to stake their flag and steal the network away from the tweens. The head tween-in-charge callously explains her distate for Sonic Youth—blasphemy!

That being said: what was a Jersey Shore cast member doing at the after party? As we wandered around the festivities in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History amidst a sea of of Saturday Night Live stars past and present, our plus-one pointed out Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino, who seemed to us a veritable fish-out-of-water. 

We approached Guadagnino, who is getting his own MTV talk show in which he interviews guests in his Staten Island home, at the bar to ask him what brought him to this parade of MTV haters. 

"Well, I'm a fan of the show. My publicist company reps this event tonight. I get invited to their events," he said. Oh, so it's just business. But wait: "Coincidentally, I'm a big SNL fan. I just graduated UCB 201. So I'm heavily immersed in the improv scene right now, and I really want to get to know these people. I'm a fan of their work." 

Guadagnino hopes that there's an improv career in his future. he told us. So while the denizens of Portlandia may not want his MTV, he's a fan of their world. 

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