The Lowest-Grossing Movie of 2012 Made $264 (and Starred Christian Slater)

Christian Slater's no-good, very-bad year comes to a depressing end.

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Judging from its trailer, the 2012 film Playback appears to be a small-town version of 2002's The Ring, wherein evil entities communicate and mess with people via television screens and cursed VHS tapes. Starring Christian Slater (to whom 2012 has not been kind at all), Playback cost $7.5 million to film and produce. But it only grossed $264 — that's two hundred and sixty four American dollars — making it the lowest-grossing film of 2012, according to various websites that track ticket sales. There's a reason for this: like 2006's Zyzzx Road, which starred Katherine Heigl and grossed $30Playback was shown at a single cinema for a single week. Better luck in the coming year, Mr. Slater. Hopefully by then Playback will be the cult film we want it to be.

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