Yes, Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant Again

Today in post-Christmas celebrity gossip: J. Simps is definitely "preggers," Chris and Rihanna spent the holiday "looking happy," and Spago is "back."

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Long rumored, now very likely confirmed: Former singer Jessica Simpson is pregnant with her second child, mere months after giving birth to her first one. We here at The Atlantic Wire Celebrity Pregnancy Analysis Desk are confident calling this one, Karl Rove be damned, because over the holiday, Simpson "tweeted" a photo of her current child sitting in Hawaii with the words "Big Sis" written beneath her in sand. Meaning that this kid will be a big sister to whatever's going on inside Jessica Simpson's stomach right now. So that's kind of crazy. Especially considering Simpson has a $4 million spokeslady contract with Weight Watchers. Though, I guess this could make a good promotional story. "How I Lost Weight After Having Practically Irish Twins." We could be into that. Plus I'm sure that Jessica Simpson knows what she's doing. She's always seemed super on top of things. [TMZ]

Barbadian pop singer Rihanna spent her Christmas in the most Christmasy way possible: Drinkin' a beer at the Lakers game with Chris Brown. Yup, RiRi and ChriChri were snapped while sitting in the front row (is that what you call it in basketball? And players "rehearse" with their coaches?) at yesterday's game, smiling but looking sleek and dangerous in all black outfits. The team beat the Knicks by six points, making for a happy Christmas for everyone in the Staples Center, including our famous, and famously troubled, pair. Witnesses said that they "looked happy" the whole time, which I guess is what Christmas is all about. Looking happy. [Us Weekly]

Wolfgang Puck, the crazed Austrian gnome owned by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences who is made to cook in the Academy's dungeon kitchens for all its big functions, has refurbished and revived his old '80s staple restaurant Spago — home of California Cuisine — and it is apparently back. Yup, Spago, the Beverly Hills site of various power lunches between Mel Gibson and Shane Black and probably Sean Young or something, is popular with celebrities once again. Why, just over the holidays the following people were spotted eating at the overhauled restaurant: Melissa McCarthy, Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Gene Simmons. So, OK, it's not exactly the hippest joint in town, but it's at least once again attracting some bold-faced names. Or in Simmons's case just plain old bold faces. Sure it would be nice if, like, Ryan Gosling and Lana del Rey and Blake & Ryan and other cool types were eating there, but Seacrest and Kim Kardashian will do for now. Meanwhile, The Ivy is hoping to at least upgrade from Jason Alexander to Jim Parsons, but they're just not sure it's going to happen this year. [Page Six]

Bravo reality star Bethenny Frankel has split from her husband, Jason Hoppy, after three years of never-that-blissful marriage. Sadly we all saw this coming from a mile away, as she and Hoppy seemed to fight all the time on their show, Bethenny Ever After. I'll bet Bravo is glad they didn't put "Happily" in that title anywhere, because now they can do a big post-split season without having to scramble or rearrange anything. And they will definitely be doing that season, believe you me. Anyway, there's nothing really nothing to say about this except it's too bad, especially for their kid. But what can you do? Sometimes even relationships that are largely conducted in front of television cameras and that suit not just romantic needs but also a business model ... well, sometimes they just don't work. It's rare, but it happens sometimes. [People]

Still happily married couple, as far as we know anyway, Duke William and Duchess Kate spent their holiday going to mass with Kate's family in Englefield, Berkshire. That's the location of the big Englefield House, where Charles Xavier and his sex harem of magical kids lived in X-Men: First Class. There was no mutant activity for Wills and Kate this Christmas, though. It was just plain old church and that was it. Kate didn't seem sick or anything, so that's progress. Meanwhile, Harry spent Christmas in Afghanistan, "with carol services and sporting competitions." Two questions about that: 1) who's Carol and has she really thought about what she's doing with her life? And, 2) oiled-up Greco-Roman wrestling counts as "sporting competitions," right? Right. OK. Just checking. Happy Boxing Day, you fancy limeys you! [Us Weekly]

Ugh. Here is a list of 2012's most charitable celebrities, which includes the likes of Smart Set favorites Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. Pssh. Whatever. We all know that celebrities are stupid jerks — come on, look, it's obvious, what stupid jerks. Oh, sure, "charity" and "giving millions of dollars to foundations" sounds good on paper, but whatever. How dare these jerks try to be good people and give away all this money? We all know that they're just doing it so they won't look like jerks. Ugh. And what's up with the celebrities who aren't on this list? What greedy jerks. Give some of your money away, you miserly jerks. And to the jerks that did give they're money away? You're celebrity jerks. Ick. Why, People, why? Charity. Bah humbug. [People]

Like a kid who just knocked over and broke something big and expensive at his grandmother's house, Brian Williams is putting his hands in his pockets and whistling while he casually but quickly walks away from Rock Center with Brian Williams, hoping no one notices that he was involved. Yeah, he's apparently pulling back from the show, possibly getting his name dropped from the news magazine's title and getting other people to fill in as anchor. This is in the wake of the show being moved from Thursdays at 10 p.m. to a lame Friday night slot, following low ratings and little buzz. So isn't that nice? Brian Williams gets to just stroll away while the show fades. He's got his cushy news anchor desk waiting for him after all, plus countless Saturday Night Live cameos in the future. Sure, his main cameo employer, 30 Rock, has gone the way of the dodo, but he'll still have SNL. And Rock Center will probably limp to a finale and that'll be that. Sorry, guys, no more fuzzy news-lite stories brought to you in primetime by a broadcast network. Well, except for Dateline, which is moving into Rock Center's old slot. And 20/20. And whatever else there is. [Page Six]

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