How High Was Snoop Dogg During His Reddit AMA?

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Snoop Dogg — er, Snoop Lion is what he goes by now — stopped by Reddit to do an Ask Me Anything sessions this afternoon, and, if his answers are any indication, he was really, really high while doing it. 

The veteran rapper offered life advice and pearls of wisdom to the denizens of Reddit, and even accepted a rap-battle challenge. Did he follow through? No, but who cares? We were mostly reading to see what kind of ridiculous things he would say, because he's one of the best interviews in music, and Reddit commenters mostly think up the kind of half-baked questions that would be good for a perma-stoned person to answer. That, and Snoop's AMA was a lot more entertaining than the other one today, with the Washingtong bureau chief of The New York Times. (Sample answer: "The looming 'fiscal cliff' means that aspects of the current tax code is likely to change significantly.")

So what did we end up learning in the three-plus hours Snoop hung out on Reddit?

Plenty! Some of it was concerning, like that he's a fan of K-Pop:

M.C. Hammer already did a collaboration with PSY. This can't be far behind... 

We also learned that Snoop will adopt you if you ask politely:

And that if he wasn't rapping, he would be a coach. What kind of coach — a football coach, a basketball coach, a hockey coach, a life coach — remains unclear: 

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We got his thoughts on Willie Nelson: 

And information about his sexual history:

He also snitched on smoking with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and his answer is amazing. 

Snoop also cares about your future, and wants you to stay in school.

And he finally put to rest the debate white bros in dorm rooms everywhere ask themselves when rapping along to his music: 

But the best answers were about his proclivity for that green stuff. The "sticky icky," is what he usually calls it. Just how much weed does Snoop smoke in a day? 

One user worked that out to a blunt ever 12 minutes, assuming he sleeps for eight hours a day.

Does he ever go over that? Yep, usually. 

But only because his tolerance is through the roof at this point:

Someone asked him about the longest time he's gone without smoking weed, and he answered in a video, and you need to watch it, because it might be the greatest thing ever. He is completely out of his mind high: 

And then, in another twist of fate, Snoop Lion turned the tables on the questioners and completely changed AMAs forever: 

All in all the whole thing was a huge success, and maybe the start of a long lasting relationship between Reddit and Snoop Dogg? He admitted he was new to the service, but he's certainly popular there:

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