'The Hobbit' Will Eat Your Box Office

Today in show business news: The Hobbit has more gold than Smaug, The Voice is bigger than ever, and the new Michael Bay movie sure looks terrific.

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Though we didn't care much for it, and usually every moviegoer in America listens to us, Peter Jackson's The Hobbit is doing a brisk business at the box office. After five days of release, it's passed the $100 million mark domestically and earned some $270 million worldwide. That's not huge huge, I mean not when you consider that Twilight 5: Final Freak in the Forkslight made like $140 million in its very first weekend, but still. Warner Bros. and New Line and everyone else involved should have no reason to be unhappy. Meanwhile we the public just have to sit through six more hours of this franchise until we have reason to be happy. So go to the bathroom now. [Deadline]

Speaking of successes, NBC savior The Voice ended its third season last night, crowning something called Cassadee Pope and earning record ratings. Fourteen million song-hungry folks tuned in, giving the broadcast a 4.9 rating, the highest of any of the show's finales so far. So there are high hopes for the next season of The Voice, which I think starts tonight, though with Shakira and Usher instead of Xtina and Cee-Lo. But don't worry, your old friends will be back for the fifth season of The Voice, which I believe starts during the middle of the second episode of the fourth season of The Voice. [Entertainment Weekly]

MTV has renewed its series Catfish for a second season, so that means we'll get some more of those smug guys exposing fake and/or real people from the Internet. Of the renewal, an MTV exec said, "Catfish: The TV Show has truly captured the zeitgeist of the digital dating age." The exec was then hopefully promptly hauled off to jail because sweet siluriformes is that an awful sentence. But, hey, buzz words aside, the numbers have been strong for this show, with a 3.1 rating once you factor in DVR and On Demand. That's in the 12-34 demographic, mind you, which we'd hope is the only demographic they're banking on. Because people over 34 and under 12 should not be watching this show. The under-12-ers are obviously too young and might start to think that lying on the Internet is a normal thing to do, while the over-34s should be too busy at their computers, lying on the Internet. Until Catfish finds them, that is. [Deadline]

Here's the first trailer for the Mark Wahlberg/The "Dwayne Johnson" Rock action comedy Pain and Gain, directed by Michael Bay. As good as that sounds on paper, and it really sounds excellent, I must say that it's even better on film. Wahlberg and The Rock play dedicated bodybuilders who need money so they decide to rob Tony Shalhoub. Yup. They're joined by Rebel Wilson, Ed Harris, and Anthony Mackie, making for a cast that's a sure thing for the Best Ensemble SAG next year. There's really not much to say about this because it's all in the trailer and it's all quite something. Quite something indeed.

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