Famous People Make Parody Twitter Accounts, Too

This might be as meta as it gets. The man behind Homeland-inspired account @SergeantBrody is none other than Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari.

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This might be about as meta as it gets. Whereas we thought the role of parody-Twitter-account-creator belonged to employees of BuzzFeed, the Hollywood Reporter reveals today that the man behind Homeland-inspired account @SergeantBrody is none other than Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari. @SergeantBrody purports to reveal the innermost thoughts of war veteran/terrorist/congressman Nicholas Brody, and often with profanity. A Hollywood Reporter staff member noticed that there was some connection between the comedian's own tweets and the parody account when a @SergeantBrody joke was posted to Ansari's personal feed. The tweet, which showed Brody complaining about his wife Jess, was deleted from @azizansari but then reposted to @SergeantBrody:

Andy Lewis of the Hollywood Reporter explained that Ansari's rep declined to comment. And we're wondering why, if the tweet mishap went down in November, Ansari is just being outed now. But we'll take it. Ansari hasn't been too subtle about it anyway:

It just kind of blows our minds. We make fake accounts for celebrities and fictional characters. Now celebrities are making fake accounts for fictional characters. What's next, celebrities making fake accounts for media people? Stars: they're just like us.

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