Alec Baldwin Isn't Going Anywhere

Today in show business news: Alec Baldwin signs a new deal with NBC, The Newsroom gets in the Mitt Romney game, and Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in the comedy of the century.

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His show 30 Rock may end its run next month, but that doesn't mean Alec Baldwin is going to slink off to the Hamptons and do his WNYC show away from prying eyes for the rest of his days. No, he's got to keep his new young yoga wife in yoga mats or whatever, so he's signed a development deal with NBC that will have him producing things, possibly for him to star in, for the next four years. Which could be interesting! Will he stay in comedy? Return to his dramatic roots? It's hard to say, though we'd guess that'd he'd do a comedy, though what other style could he really do consistently that wasn't just a play on Jack Donaghy? Maybe as long as he sticks with SNL people who "get" him, he'll be able to figure something out. The point is, don't start saying goodbye to Alec Baldwin any time soon. I know many of you want to. Many, many of you. But, I'm sorry. He's here to stay. Four more years! [Deadline]

It's been officially announced that Chronicle cutie and In Treatment imp Dane DeHaan has been hired to play Harry Osborne in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. He'd been rumored to be on the short list, but recently it seemed that the production was looking for more of a hunk, so DeHaan was said to be out of the running. But, guess not! They've taken him instead of a hunk. Yup, ugly old Dane DeHaan will have to do. [The Hollywood Reporter]

HBO's recent-past drama show The Newsroom has cast an actor named Joel Johnstone to play a young "well-scrubbed Mitt Romney campaign staffer" in a recurring role next season. Upon hearing about this casting news, Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Senator and and fan of the show, said, "How well-scrubbed and scrubbed by whom?" So that could be interesting, although... Ugh, really? Mitt Romney? This is a prime example of this show's problematic news-we-all-remember time delay. Do we really want to hear more about Mitt goshdarn Romney any time soon? Or, like, ever again? It feels like most of us want to just forget that automaton ever existed and move on with the world. Normally we could do that, but nope, not when The Newsroom has anything to say about it. We have to suffer through Mitt Romney all over again. Thanks a lot, Sorkin. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Deadline is planning a new matchmaking reality show that is described as this: "three single women pose as 'expert matchmakers' to pull a ruse on 14 unsuspecting guys who think they’ve signed up for a show called Match Me If You Can. With the help of 15-year veteran matchmaker April Beyer, the three women — Brittany Skipper, owner of a private event planning service; Lindsay Osborne, an experienced caterer; and Rachel Seeker, a construction contractor — pretend to work on finding these guys true love, but in reality are there to mold them into their own versions of 'Mr. Right.'" So that sounds great, right? "Three women lie to fourteen men and then hope that in the end the guys are happy about all the lying." That's always worked in the past. Remember when the beautiful romantic bounty of Joe Millionaire was blessed upon the world? Or the wonderful outcome of Boy Meets Boy, that gay Bachelor where, surprise!, not all the contestants were actually gay? I know this VH1 show isn't actually trying to make love happen for these people, but still. "Hahah, ya duped. Got ya. Aren't you stupid." Not terribly romantic, guys. [Deadline]

So this is ostensibly a post about some new movies that have been announced as Sundance selections — the Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher (it's called jOBS and that is the actual stylization, hahaha), plus something starring Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Amanda Seyfried's Linda Lovelace biopic — but really this post is an excuse to post this photo of jOBS because hahaha forever. Laffs for a lifetime! Look at that. You betta THINK. About jOBS. Doin' some jOBS THINKin', with Ashton Kutcher. This is going to be the comedy of the century. [The Hollywood Reporter]

A Man of Steel poster has been released — Man Of Steel is the Zack Snyder-directed Superman movie that's trying to be all serious and Dark Knight-y — and it shows our hero, here played by the positively hideous Henry Cavill, in handcuffs. So what happened? Did Superman make an oopsy? Looks like! Can't wait to figure out what could possibly be keeping the guy who can fly and lift trucks and meteors and stuff in a human jail. Must be something serious for him to not just fly away. (Superman is a little silly, guys.) [Entertainment Weekly]

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