They're Changing Zombies Again...

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The first trailer for World War Z is finally here and while everything about the movie itself looks encouraging, we have some reservations with the style of zombie they chose to go with. 

There's long been a debate within the zombie loving community over which kind of zombie is the superior monster. Is it the slow, lumbering undead we know and love from classic George A. Romero movies? Or are the faster, hyper-aware 'runners' from 2002's 28 Days Later the zombie of the new millenium? Okay, so the debate is only about a decade old. That's beside the point.

The point is that World War Z is going in a slightly different direction. The zombies here aren't slow or lumbering. They are definitely runners, but they are not like the 28 Days Later runners. They seem... smarter? Faster, too. They work together to rampage over buses and scale extremely high walls. They also run clear over the edge of tall buildings, so we're not dealing with brainiacs here.

But this definitely seems like the zombies are more of a hyrda -- one beast with multiple heads working towards the same goal (eating human flesh) -- than the typical senseless, starving, every-undead-for-himself zombie we're used to seeing, runner or otherwise. 

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As for the rest, we're intrigued. It seems like a War of the Worlds-style treatment of the zombie apocalypse, which is a welcome change from the isolated story of seven or eight people that we're used to in these situations. There are maps with the disease spreading and big military action set pieces and establishing shots of aircraft carriers. Which is all great! It all sounds and looks really, really great. But then you remember they had to do extensive reshoots and bring in Damon Lindelof to rewrite the ending. And no one liked director Marc Forster, especially Mr. Bradley Pitt. We're cautiously optimistic, but with plans to drop 'cautiously' when we hear or see more. 

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