Teen Vampires Fight for Love and Lots of Money

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Welcome to the Box Office Report where we will forever support RPatz and KStew because we remember how heartbroken everyone was when Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams broke up. No one should suffer that kind of heartbreak, not even teenagers on Tumblr. 

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Summit): $141.3 million in 4,070 theaters

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the last Twilight dominated the weekend with the biggest opening weekend total since Dark Knight Rises came out. Teenagers and weird moms everywhere lined up to pay their final respects to Edward, Bella, and that homewrecker Jacob. May they live forever in our hearts and on cable reruns on Sunday afternoons. 

2. Skyfall (Sony): $41.5 million in 3,505 theaters [Week 2]

If we were to rank the three people we want to see play Bond villains, the list would look like this: Sir Ben Kingsley; Meryl Streep; and Alec Baldwin. Kingsley stopped caring about his roles when he started appearing in things like Prince of Persia, and he's already doing the villain thing in the new Iron Man. It wouldn't be hard to convince him to do it, and with the right script he could knock it out of the park. Streep doesn't need to do anything, but it'd be nice to see her have some fun with a baddie role. Baldwin would more or less be Jack Donaghy leading a terrorist organization. (Insert NBC potshot here.)

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3. Lincoln (Buena Vista): $21 million in 1,775 theaters

Look who joined the party! If you live near one of the ten theaters Lincoln was released in last week: great job! We hate you. For the rest of us, this was the first week the Daniel Day Lewis vehicle was available in wide release. Rather than dance around making any insensitive jokes about the movie's success, we're going to leave you with Rupert Murdoch's review that made us giggle uncontrollably for no apparent reason: 

4. Wreck-It Ralph (Buena Vista): $18.3 million in 3,622 theaters [Week 3]

Give us a Steve Brule movie or give us death. 

5. Flight (Paramount): $8.6 million in 2,612 theaters [Week 3]

Is it just us or is the speed of the Oscar hype cycle going to damage Denzel's chances of getting a nod for this? It's only the middle of November and Flight's only been out for three weeks but it feels like he's already getting lost in the conversation. This movie should have done better to stop them from handing the thing over to Daniel Day Lewis without debate. 

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