Someone Needs to Have a Talk with Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is young, famous, and has more money than any of us can even fathom, but that doesn't mean he can dress himself. 

The Biebs' fashion has gotten a little out of hand lately. It came to a tipping point yesterday when he wore the outfit seen above to accept a Diamond Jubilee medal from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Diamond Jubilee Medal is a new award celebrating the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth taking the throne, and is given to Important Canadians as determined by a not-at-all vague set of criteria. 60,000 people will receive the medal before the end of 2012. So, Bieber is significant, but not really. Shania Twain will probably get one, and we assume William Shatner will, too.

Do not confuse our quarrel. We don't care that he wore this to meet with the Prime Minister. Harper is a twit who does not deserve your respect or admiration. Our problem here is those awful overalls Bieber is wearing. You would think, just to look at him, that Bieber does not have access to a mirror. That is not the case. He is very aware of how ugly the overalls are. He tweeted this: 

And, prematurely addressing the haters, Bieber Instagrammed his outfit with, "I hope you hate my style." Maybe this is a coping mechanism, but lately Bieber has taken to wearing the most trollish outfits imaginable. Why are you wearing drop crotch pants, or a sleeveless white vest and matching pants, or whatever this is, or your ever-present Krew hats, Biebs? You look like a bad Lil Wayne impersonator. If you want a Truk Fit endorsement so badly, I'm sure you could just ask. 

But that won't solve the silver chained problem. Nothing will, probably. He's eighteen and super rich, so he can do whatever he wants. Not even his mom could put a stop to this. 

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