The Rolling Stones Bow to London's Bed Time, Skip 'Satisfaction'

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Last night the sexagenarians and septuagenarians known as The Rolling Stones ended their first 50th-anniversary concert at London's O2 Arena with a whimper and couldn't play the biggest hit of their 50-year careers because the rock stars decided to obey the city's strict curfew. Yes, we know there's an aging rock-star joke here somewhere. Hmmm... like this one: 

The Telegraph's Andrew Hough, and Rosa Silverman report that "Satisfaction" was dropped from the encore because the band was running late after an 8:30 start—the show was scheduled to start thirty minutes earlier to avoid London's 11 p.m. live music curfew. (Yes, there's a live-music curfew that bans live music from finishing past the minute Andy Cohen's silly show comes on Bravo). The band's official set list (right) doesn't reflect "Satisfaction" either, nor does it mention the curfew that killed it.

The Stones now join Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney as ... older rockers who've succumbed to London's curfew. As Rolling Stone reports, The Boss suffered a $50,000 fine in Dublin after two of his shows went into overtime. If London's fines are anywhere close, that would basically be chump change for Jagger, who's worth an estimated $300 million. And, yes, we know there's totally a "You Can't Always Get What You Want Joke" here, too. 

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