The Return of Jared Leto

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While his one-time onscreen love interest and fellow fledgling movie star Claire Danes was winning Emmys for Temple Grandin and Homeland, actor Jared Leto has been swanning around with crazy hair and silly makeup promoting his weird emo band 30 Seconds to Mars, doing nonsense like this. But now all that is over. Or at least on temporary suspension. You see, because Jared Leto has accepted his first film role in five years, playing "Rayon, a cross-dressing fellow AIDS patient" in the Matthew McConaughey drama Dallas Buyers Club. Apparently this is a pretty plum role, so it's a big deal for Leto, whose last gig was the futuristic sci-fi drama Mr. Nobody, which nobody saw despite it being Belgium's most expensive movie ever made. (True tale.) So welcome back, Mr. Leto. We trust you'll get a sensible haircut and take off that makeup before you, uh, put on wigs and makeup for work. O.K., fine, so this is basically the same thing, but you're pretending with this gig, at least. It's not you in the wild hair and garish makeup. It's someone else. [Deadline]

Another TV star turned movie actor, Mila Kunis, is returning to TV, but only as a producer. She's just signed a deal with The CW to executive produce a series called Meridian Hills, a drama about the women's lib movement set in 1972. So, uh... Mila, are you sure you, um, want to do this at The CW? Like, do you think that the future home of The Carrie Diaries is really the place where you want to develop a drama about women's liberation? Because, you know, that's a great and important topic and I'm sure with some tweaks you could get someone at HBO or Showtime or heck even Starz interested at least to some degree. Or AMC! Who knows. But The CW? I mean, have you watched shows on The CW? Some of them are entertaining, sure, but they're not exactly... complex, let's say. On an academic level, at least. So I'm just not sure this is the best fit. Maybe rethink this. Wait until after the election, hell, take the weekend, and let's maybe come up with some other options on Monday. The CW will be fine. I'm sure they have some sort of superhero fashion designer show lying around that they can plug the hole with. Don't worry about them and just focus on you. And, y'know, the women's movement. [Deadline]

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Speaking of bad TV, Dancing With the Stars tied its worst ratings record last night, which is overall the show's lowest rated season in its 378-season run. And this is the All-Star cast! What is going on? Well, nobody really knows. Something's in the water, probably. Or a crop's gone rotten, or has a bacteria. Like in Children of the Corn. Maybe the Earth's polarity is shifting. Or its solar flares. You know sky noise? It probably has something to do with sky noise. Oh well. RIP, Dancing With the Stars. Also soon-to-be RIP to The Mob Doctor, even though the show came back last night after a four-week hiatus and actually had a slight uptick in the ratings. But it wasn't enough to keep it going, I'm afraid. Too bad. Blame HAARP. [Entertainment Weekly]

Oh finally. Martha Stewart will soon be producing a sitcom about her life called The Tao of Martha for Fox. Well, O.K., it's not actually about her life. It's based on an upcoming Julie & Julia ripoff book called about "a highly disorganized, scattered former party girl who decides she needs to grow up after her husband leaves her because he can’t handle her chaotic lifestyle anymore. She decides to kill two birds with one stone: become a better role model for her daughter and write a new book about changing her life according to the 'teachings' of Martha Stewart." So... Um. Sigh. O.K. I guess... Is there anything we can... Never mind. Oh well. [Deadline]

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the surviving members of the Backstreet Boys have recorded a new Christmas song. It is called "It's Christmas Time Again" and it will probably play in a holiday commercial for Simon malls or something. It's actually not terrible, and sounds fairly modern considering it's the sixty-something-year-old Backstreet Boys, but I don't see it becoming a massive hit. But what do I know. Well, I know that I'm all of a sudden seriously in the mood for Christmas. Christmas is the best! [Entertainment Weekly]

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