Rejoice: The Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine Is Here to Distract You

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Can't find that Calvin and Hobbes cartoon you're looking for? Don't feel like flipping through the pages of Bill Watterson's fantastic new paperback collection? Enter The Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine, which the Internet seemed to discover as a whole today, despite its having been around since 2010.

"This was a weekend project of mine that simply became popular because it was built on the shoulders of giants," creator Michael Yingling writes in an email to The Atlantic Wire, referring to Watterson and S Andand, who provided the text for the database. As for that BING in the corner, Yingling says it "has nothing to do with Microsoft's it is an alias I use, given to me by my parents."

Combining the resources of an online trove of the cartoon's quotable scripts and a website carrying every daily strip, Yingling developed the ultimate database for the comic back in early 2010. And it's pretty much prefect, as long as you know what you're looking for. For instance, an exact search for "magical" finds six comics including the famous last strip:

 So go ahead. Find your favorites. 

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