A New Tomorrow Is Here

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For those of you who haven't yet subscribed to and have been watching people tweet about Tomorrow—the one-shot magazine from the ex-GOOD guys—you're in luck, their digital site just launched. We've been waiting for this ever since June, when editor Megan Greenwell told us that a  kickstarter-funded magazine was in the works. People began receiving their copies of Tomorrow this week (our office in Soho doesn't have any power thanks to Sandy and we're hoping there's a shiny copy waiting for us when we eventually return) so checking out the magazine's site is our only preview of what lies within, like a smart chart on how the overheated rhetoric takes over many serious policy debates on issues like health care and drug policy.  Their preview of the magazine also promises stories on "the queer YouTube stars, Kenyan prostitutes, boy-band fan-fic writers, Spanish-language radio hosts, Jewish convert bloggers, and new-wave pop starlets who are tearing the old world down and starting it anew," but mostly, we're spending our first minutes with Tomorrow trying to figure out which article this music equivalency came from: 

Not saying we necessarily agree or disagree with that assertion, but we just want to see the logical steps that got someone there.

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