Movies Were a Very Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish

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Welcome to the Box Office Report where we always take a bowl full of stuffing into the theater with us. Why do you think that's crazy? You're crazy. 

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Summit): $43.1 million in 4,070 theaters [Week 2]

So, everyone went to the movies this weekend. This is the first week with high double digit grosses for every movie in the top five in... weeks? Maybe months? Feels good to be home, baby girl. Twilight still has the box office in a tight headlock, but that's not surprising. Its biggest competition this week was the Red Dawn remake, and that didn't even make the top five. Everyone is really happy with the weekend, though, because it was the highest grossing five-day Thanksgiving weekend ever. 

2. Skyfall (Sony): $36 million in 3,526 theaters [Week 3]

Know what didn't work? That Heineken product placement. Maybe they should try and get into the inevitable Flight sequel

3. Lincoln (Buena Vista): $25 million in 2,018 theaters [Week 2]

So Lincoln actually made $4 million more than it did last weekend and only added about 250 theaters. That's impressive. Movies rarely make more money on week 2, even with additional theaters, which might mean Lincoln has some slow-cooking word-of-mouth buzz. Like a good pot of chilli, or ribs. Mmmm, slow cooked ribs. 

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4. Rise of the Guardians (Paramount): $24 million in 3,653 theaters 

This is about a bunch of chaperones at a high school dance who use it as an opportunity to start a revolution. No, sorry, Rise of the Guardians is actually some Nightmare Before Christmas mixed with The Santa Clause 3 mixed with The Tooth Fairy animated movie. We'll give them this: getting Alec Baldwin to do the voice of Santa Claus and Jude Law to voice the Boogeyman were excellent choices. Who hasn't had nightmares about Jude Law before?

5. Life of Pi (Fox): $22 million in 2,902 theaters

Hey! $22 million is pretty good for a smarty-pants movie like Life of Pi. Cloud Atlas is totally jealous right now. 

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