Montgomery Burns Keeps Binders Full of Women Too

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The Simpsons' resident evil zillionaire Montgomery Burns decided Mitt Romney needed his endorsement on a day where the President got the call from The Economist and Michael Bloomberg.

It turns out Burns, like Mitt, also keeps binders full of women around the office. It's unfortunate that the Simpsons' writers went for the lowest of the low hanging fruit by focusing the endorsement around Seamus, the dog Romney famously strapped to the roof of his car on a family vacation years ago. The dog was strapped to a friggin' roof for crying out loud, and now they're beating him like a dead horse. There's a Devo song. Enough is enough.

Anyway, Burns says Sheamus is the one thing holding Romney back, so in an effort to prove there's no hard feelings Monty makes Seamus choose between a steak wielding Mitt Romney ("Meat Romney") and a broccoli toting Barack Obama ("Broccoli Obama").

What's also important to note is the rise of the anti-endorsement among pop culture-y people. (Does Monty Burns count as a person? We say yes.) Nerd king Joss Whedon endorsed Mitt Romney on Sunday (to bring on the zombie apocalypse). 

Here's your requisite twitching Seamus GIF: 

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